Girls: I want to look gorgeous tomorrow... for a guy. I need help?!

i have my friend helping me... but she can only help me so much.. I want other peoples perspectives...

id love it if guys would help too

for the guys I'm not even gonna answer... its like which way do you think I'm talking about!


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  • 1) Walk into an esoteric clothes boutique and have the clerk rip a deep chasm through your wallet with their choices and recommendations.

    2) Hire another friend who is of supermodel quality to go in lieu of you, and make them tell him

    that you had some major corrective surgery.

    3) Wear nothing and hope that you don't get arrested for indecent public exposure.


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What Guys Said 1

  • theres a slutty way the conservative way then the "right" way. which do you want?

    • Simple rule: if you expose on top, cover up on the bottom, if you expose on the bottom, cover up on top, keep accessories to a minimum, and when in doubt, curl your hair (although lots of men, like myself, prefer straightened hair). its just a good rule of thumb. remember when picking your clothes to pick out your best feature and accent it, then cover up the rest. this is the correct way. :)

What Girls Said 3

  • Well at first you shouldn't do it for the guy but for yourself.Secondly, we don't know your facial features or your style so most answers I assume that will probably be irrelevant and useless.I think you should add more info about yourself so that people can give you a better advice.

  • Well, what do you need to know?

    • Pretty much what I can do to my hair and stuff and clothing wise lol... I mean I wear lot of sweatshirts and skinny jeans and stuff but I feel like I look like a guy most of the time and I m told I'm pretty but its like I don't know what o do with that

  • get a manicure, pedicure, and blowout from a salon.

    your outfit depends on the date if its a nighttime nice dinner then wear a nice dress. if its a hangout at your house or a movie then jeans and a nice top.

    not too much makeup to distract him