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What clothes do guys find hot on a girl?

Like for a casual party/gathering in warm weather? like short denim shorts, tight tank tops, tight dresses, skirts, etc. Or just generally what kind... Show More

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  • Clothes are only a finishing touch to your visual appeal.Wearing a five hundred dollar Gucci cocktail dress when you have enough love handles to send an unholy shiver up the spines of most people is probably not a good idea. Likewise, wearing things that are not consistent with your intrinsic body image is not a good idea too. Working on your physique is probably the better off option here. When your body looks good, chances are, it will look good in anything. :)

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  • Depends on the body type. If you have the body to rock a miniskirt or a tight dress, go for it, but a girl a little bigger can look just as attractive if she's dressed in a pair of jeans, a sweater or tshirt and a beautiful smile. Don't be afraid of overdressing a little bit. Just don't go overboard on the makeup. Also hair down is way more attractive (at least in my opinion) than hair up.

  • I find it pretty attractive when a girl wears a turtleneck. Not entirely sure why, but it does the trick for me.

  • I like a girl who'll wear whatever she wants to a thing.

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  • wouldn't sexy be more of attitude than what they are wearing? If someone is confident enough, it wouldn't matter what they wore, they'd still sweat sexy while wearing a Monkey suit in mid-summer heat! think deeper!

  • What makes her appear attractive and confident?when she's comfortable with what she's wearingif I'm wearing something I'm not comfortable in, I don't care how short or tight it is, I'm always fidgeting and too self conscious about the outfit to enjoy myself.

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