Judgement is killing me?

So I recently met this guy, he's really sweet and and nice, I live in the valley in a pretty okay neighborhood , very quiet and calm , I'm from the valley also, but he is from a neighborhood that's rowdy ruff and very gang infested , we have very opposite life styles and everything , my friends don't think I should date him because of the clothes he wears and where he lives but I hate judging people based on outer things , things , the thing is I really want to hang out with him and he wants to hang with me but his neighborhood is to dangerous for me to even enter , ... what do I do ? Should I listen to my friends or go with how I feel, my parents would kill me if they knew I was entering such a dangerous place even though I'm 18


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  • its better for you to stay away from dangerous neighbourhood,you guys can hang out in a diff place where you feel it much safe and decent or hang out in your neighbourhood like introduce him to your parents, and yes its bad to judge people on clothes they wear or the place they come from,but its better to be safe,just get to know him completely and then only date him


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  • Hang out with him in a public place, like meet him somewhere. That way you can do things together but also get to know each other, and if all goes well after that then invite him to your house and junk lol, meet the family and everything.

  • Get your familiy drunk & they wont' think he is too bad. They might even invite him over again, you just gotta keep getting them drunk.

  • Make him come to you..? Then introduce him to your family and see how things go there as well...