How can you not be labelled as a creep by girls?

I am sure a lot of men have this issue. How can you not be labeled like that?.


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  • Act stuck up...

    Because you can NEVER be both a snob AND a creep.


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  • by not being one?

    i've never called a guy a creep (so no, this doesn't apply to a lot of guys) nor have my friends, unless he was out of bounds

    • Yeah but what the hell is a creep? Its my question

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  • When you're first approaching - or first getting to know - a girl, don't do anything you wouldn't do if she were just a friend or somebody you didn't have any sexual interest in. Don't make comments about her body right away. Don't stare at her. Don't try to touch her right away.

    Creepy is another word for scary. Put yourself in a woman's shoes. She's being approached by some guy she doesn't really know. He's probably bigger and a lot stronger than her. If he seems too interested in (or desperate for) sex she has good reason to feel threatened by that. If you don't want to come off as creepy you need to make sure she doesn't feel threatened by you.

    • Yeah I know where you getting at

  • Reflect on how you act and approach girls. Determine what they consider "creepy" and then change your behavior. If you are unable to figure out what's wrong, then post some details on here and perhaps we can help you.