What do guys think of stretch marks?

What if your about to have sex with a girl and when you take her clothes off she has stretch marks on her hips/thighs etc? I have stretch marks in these areas and even though they are quite faded, I'm too scared to be naked with a guy because of them. I'm worried he will be grossed out and turned off


Most Helpful Guy

  • Id pretty much be expecting it, generally its rare to find a girl who lacks any stretch marks and to be honest they wouldn't even bother me I just don't see what the big deal is, yeah its noticiable but it wouldn't exactly turn me off, I'm mutual about it. Think of it this way most guys are aware of them and even if they are apparent now. naturally they will fade gently away till they are alost gone. If I was about to have sex with my girl and I see that she has them I don't see why or how it could possibly affect me. honestly your over thinking this, relax :P