What do guys think of stretch marks?

What if your about to have sex with a girl and when you take her clothes off she has stretch marks on her hips/thighs etc? I have stretch marks in these areas and even though they are quite faded, I'm too scared to be naked with a guy because of them. I'm worried he will be grossed out and turned off


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  • Id pretty much be expecting it, generally its rare to find a girl who lacks any stretch marks and to be honest they wouldn't even bother me I just don't see what the big deal is, yeah its noticiable but it wouldn't exactly turn me off, I'm mutual about it. Think of it this way most guys are aware of them and even if they are apparent now. naturally they will fade gently away till they are alost gone. If I was about to have sex with my girl and I see that she has them I don't see why or how it could possibly affect me. honestly your over thinking this, relax :P

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  • I wouldn't really call it a turn off. Honestly, if you're to the point where you're getting naked, stretch marks are probably the last thing on his mind. It's really not something to be worried about.

  • no it wouldn't bother, most girls have them anyways. I think it's stupid to pass on a great girl for such a stupid flaw, besides if your naked the guy probably won't be looking at them.

  • Just hit the lights to a level where you can just barely see the silhouettes of each other. That way, he can't really see anything other than the outline of your body. And besides, if he has any blemishes that he is embarrassed about as well, he's happy that you've hit the lights too.

  • I dnt care..

  • Doesn't bother me at all. I've got one on my upper arm by the way.

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  • I used to be all self conscious/worried about that stuff, but when you're in the moment, all those thoughts go out the window. When guys are getting laid, they really don't pay that much attention to it, really.

  • No. Stretch marks are a part of life, like acne or pesky nose hairs that make you sneeze when you pull them out with a tweezer. If a guy stops making out with you because of your stretch marks, he's a jerk and/or secretly gay. You don't want to be with anyone who would dump you over stretch marks.

    Also, chances are they aren't as bad as you think. You live with your body every day and obsess over every little blemish and imperfection. When we get you out of your clothes, there aren't thinking, "boy, I wish she didn't have that tiny mole on her back." there thinking, "NAKED WOMAN." It's like a banner that flashes through there head eliminating every other thought.

    And, look, they also have plenty of body imperfections that drive them crazy. Guys worry about what women will think about our guts, our backne, our front-ne. We know what it's like to have a love/hate relationship with there own body. When the right guy falls for you, it's going to be about more than just your body. He's going to love everything about you, including the stretch marks.

    If it really bothers you, look into ways of getting rid of them or minimizing their appearance. There are creams, scrubs, and other things you can use. In extreme cases, there's surgery. (Apparently they use lasers now. What can't lasers do?) But, honestly, it's not that big of a deal. They're very common. Pregnant women have been dealing with them for decades.

    Focus on making yourself the best person you can be, and try not to obsess over minor things like stretch marks. Try to improve your confidence and self-image. Stop saying that you're "gross" and "cellulite city." After all, you don't want to give yourself worry lines. I'm kidding!

  • Do it in the dark; then slowly work up in to the light each time. It may be quick; it may take awhile. Doesn't matter work on YOUR time. NOT HIS. My boyfriend claimed that I had to show him eventually, and that's just not true. Your body is amazing in his eyes, so he'll see you beautiful no matter what. But the hottest thing EvEr is confidence, not being insecure. It is difficult but; when you act like they aren't there, it is HOT. And if he didn't/doesn't like them, he will learn to LOVE them.