Hair and Eyes on a guy ?

Hay wonderful girls of the world, I just wanted to know what hair color do you like on a guy and the matching eyes to go with it ?

Do you like strong low sitting eyebrows ? How about hair length, short or long ? and do you like body hair. thanks.


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  • really depends on the girl. Each girl likes different things. Personally, I like sort of scruffy hair, not too long, not too short, and kind of messy. Also, blue or hazel color doesn't matter as long as its not green or something. And as for body hair, too much is gross but a regular amount is fine.


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  • I like brunette guys with either green eyes or hazel. Brown eyes on a guy are also amazing. I have brown eyes, so if the guys has brown eyes, I am hooked.

    Eyebrows. I don't care about it too much, as long as it's not abnormaly thick.

    I like short-medium length hair. Short hair is clean and fresh. Medium hair gives the guy enough room to play around - for example spiking it once in a while.

    Body hair. I am alright with it. Once again, as long as the guys isn't packed with "jungle-hair", I don't mind it too much. Chest hair, leg hair, and arm hair is hot. But, if there is more then enough hair on the unwanted places like on the back then I'll be turned off.

  • I am a sucker for blonde - dirty blonde haired guys with blue eyes that turn green. I love strong brows, short hair and some body hair.but no hairy butts please.

  • I have seen cute guys with brown hair and brown eyes, hazel eyes and blond hair, red hair and blue eyes. you get the point. I can't say I personally prefer any color over another.

    Eyebrows - well, as long as they're not wild or a unibrow, I don't have problems.

    I kinda like guys with longer hair - something you can put your hands into! The buzz cut is a little to army-man for me. It kind of makes guys look a little cooler and edgier. Not emo-cuts, though.

    Body hair? I'm fine with it. If there's excessive back/butt hair, that's a little icky, but I'm not picky about something like that. I don't want a guy who shaves more than I do!

  • whatever you do! no plucking the eyebrows. horrible! I don't want my guy having better eyebrows than me. if you do wax them don't be wussy!

    hair length.shallow as it may sound. if your cute in any one its hot. just dreads are no-nos.they make you look dirty& like never wash your hair.

    and eyes.ima sucka for colored any! but if you have plain ol' brown.its okay.we can't change destiny. lol

  • I like brown hair w/green eyes. eyebrows doesn't matter to me aslong as there "tamed". short hair, and body hair is attractive, god gave it to you so use it.


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