Girls Asking Guys Out? Does it work?

You always hear guys complaining why the girl doesn't make the first move. It might work for the short term when a girl asks a guy out, but studies have shown that for long term successful relationships, most of them are ones where men have asked women out. Yes, it might be partly due to traditional notions, but it also did show that the majority of relationships where women asked men out didn't have a high rate of success...

SO, how many of you all out there in relationships were ones where men asked women out or where women asked men out?


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  • Studies are bound to show that most successful relationships are where men ask the girls out, because girls pretty much NEVER ask a guy out. Women have asked me out a couple of times, and I got with them... And they were the ones that dumped me after a while. So I don't know... Lol, one thing I've noticed is that the only girls that normally ever ask a guy out re the kinds of girls that hate to be single, and that ALWAYS need a boyfriend. They get desperate and go for whoever they can get, then get bored of them, or leave them when something better comes along.


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  • My experience says there is no harm asking a man out, not all men are gutsy enough to ask a woman out, they may be totally at ease on the internet but then in reality they are as shy. I had some good relationships with some guys I dated and although I did not want any romantic relationships with them we are still good friends. So girls in this modern age no harm cos aren't we all claiming to be independentt and equal? Go girls...

  • Always asked the girl out.. all times the girls were sleeping around how unlucky am i...


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