This guys looks very deeply into my eyes...Guy help!?

He stares at me for a long time from across the room . I just sit their doing my work ignoring him, then when I finally look at him (because he's been watching me for a while) we make eye contact. He holds eye contact until I turn away, I usually am the one to end it. When the guy talks to me (he's a tutor who assist me with my assignments sometimes), he always looks deeply into my pupils. I sometimes feel uncomfortable about this so I look away as I talk to him.The situation today -- The guy would not stop facing me [staring at me] from across the room and I was immensely uncomfortable. So I rarely looked up, I saw him from my peripheral view. And there he was just intensely staring. The guy has brown eyes but this eyes are like cat's eyes, you know at night when the cat's eyes are lit up. Well when his eyes look at me they give me that feeling... So FREAKY! The other tutors who are girls like him. Their wide eye expressions tell it all but he ignores them. They're between 19-22 and he's probably about 19 years old and I am 17.

How should I go about making him stop staring at me and should I look at him?

What's his game?


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  • I usually look at women I like a lot but I don't just stare and when I make eye contact I do look in her eyes but not for that long. I'm not sure what his game is but if you want it to stop just give him a look that says what are you looking at. I'm sure you know the face I'm talking about and he should get the message from that since body language says a lot.


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  • I think that's a little creepy, but I guess there's a chance that he thinks you are absolutely astonishingly beautiful. I know periodically I find myself staring at my girl just in awe of her beauty. If you are an attractive girl, I could see that being the case. Otherwise, I agree, CREEPY!

    I'd ask him to stop though, that he is making you uncomfortable.


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  • Maybe he's...a SCORPIO!Seriously,next time ask him when his birthday was.That should clear things up lol