Hispanic guy...dates black girl...fake hair big turn off?

I am a Hispanic male (of white race), however the race I am more attracted to are African American girls, but I think fake hair is a big turn off.

I know not all black girls wear fake hair, but the ones I've met did. (I never said a thing though, but still I wanted to).

I'm dating right now, how can I let the girl know, without me sounding too racial or like a total jerk, that this is a turn off for me.

I'm afraid what she might think...maybe she'll get offended? idk?


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  • There is a HUGE natural hair revolution going on. Don't be surprised if you start to see more ginormous Afros and curly hair on rainbow skin. Get ready for a lot of hair personality revealing itself around every corner.That includes white and black Curly and Kinky haired beauties because not only black girls go through trouble to straighten their hair or weaving it up.

    • That's cool, I don't mind natural hair styles or textures...I think they are all unique and beautiful.


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  • I'm going to explain something to you that I think you really need to understand...

    Black women have been told that our natural hair is undesirable and unacceptable for centuries. I don't think you have any idea how hard it is to be told that your hair is ugly and have it rejected by society from a very young age. Of course a lot of black women feel the pressure to look more eurocentric when guys talk about how much they love the long, silky straight hair. It's not our fault that we weren't born with that type of hair. But what else do you expect for us to do when the media feeds society images that long, silky, straight hair is the best hair? It isn't just happenstance that so many black women wear weaves. It is a deep psychological issue among many black women that most people of other ethnicities just don't seem to understand.

    I'm a black woman who is going natural, that means I've decided to stop using relaxers, but it's a learning process figuring out how to take care of the natural texture of my hair because I've always been told to reject it and wear weave or get a perm.

    I dated a Hispanic guy who didn't like that black girls wore weave and to be honest, when he first told me, it pissed me fhe f*** off. I felt that he was completely insensitive to what black women go through when our natural looks are rejected if they are not whittened up like lighter skin, lighter eyes, and straight hair. It made me feel bad about myself like "They don't like my natural hair and they don't like the weave either. WTF DO YOU WANT FROM ME!?" After the anger passed, I became understanding of why he may have felt that way. But honestly, it still felt like sh*t to hear him say that. I think you should just honestly, innocently, nicely, and openly address the topic of black women and weave. Then ask if she's ever worn weave and ask why. Ask her why she won't just wear her real hair. Don't come off like some hair nazi judging her and belittling her for wearing weave.

  • Tell her she looks beautiful without the weave.

    • I once told a female friend that she looked better without her wig that she used to wear everyday but she didn't agree, she said she felt more confident with it. So I said -ok however you feel more confortable- and she told me it wasn't confortable...it's weird, I just don't understand....lol

  • I don't blame you. I despise fake hair and being an african American girl with natural hair, when I wear my cute hairstyles and afro puffs people love it, but they assume its fake. I hate that. Just tell her that you think she's beautiful and the fake hair is not going to change a thing because you love her the way she is. But to be honest black girls are big on their hair because we've been taught that our hair is unacceptable and that mean prefer more european looking styles. Even I think that a lot of guys prefer other races to black girls just from my personal experience.

    • I love that you embrace your natural hair, but it's ignorant to bash fake hair. I know some black women who feel like they have to wear weave because their hair is so damaged.

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    • It's great that you embrace your natural hair, trust me I know :) , but for those women out there who struggle with mental barriers of trying to just accept it, you don't help when you act like some hair nazi and speak so harshly about their weave addiction :P

    • I'm not talking about the women who wear it, I despise fake hair on me, I'm not talking about people who wear it, though if I were a guy I would also perfer my woman not wear it, but I don't think of anyone lesser because of it. I hate fake hair personally for my self which is what I'm saying, I've worn it and I hate it, but I'm not speaking on behalf of other ladies who wear it, I'm speaking for myself, I hate it.

  • Say it in a roundabout way, compliment natural looking hairstyles you do like.

  • not all of us wear weave. I don't but if you are turned off by it, date the girls who don't have it. do you not notice it when you first start dating? I can spot a weave from a mile away...just wondering how come weave bothers you, how do you feel about makeup, pushup bras, butt pads and stuff? I don't know you could just say something sweet like "babe you don't need all that fake stuff you look pretty naturally". a lot of girls don't feel pretty without weave, I used to be this way. so if you let her know you like her without all the additions maybe she'll not wear it, but then again she might not. I mean do you REALLY like natural hair? what about perms? I have looser textured hair that grows long so I feel OK without a weave but some girls have tighter hair that's shorter so they don't feel as confident...


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  • To have a thing about fake hair you sure are dating the wrong race lol.

    This may be a tough talk because women in general are sensitive when it comes to their hair. And black women go through a lot with their hair to make it look like everyone elses. So, even if the girl you are dating now has naturally short hair, would you mind?

    • I've seen pretty much every race wear fake hair, you are crazy to think it's only black women, but I do agree with the rest of what you wrote.

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    • It does grow long. Outwards lol. When I was 5 my mother had very long hair until she cut it. But if she didn't process it, it will naturally grow out and become an afro. Did anyone see Solange Knowles on Oprah earlier this year with her chopped off hair. She had the beginning of a mini fro. Even short hair like Halle Berry's is work and has to have a perm, relaxer, and whatever else has to be done on a regular basis.

    • Outwards is kewl! No hair HAS to be processed. Personality other than the norm is more perfect than sameness.

      Also, not All all curly or kinky hair grows outward. I'm new to this site so I'm not sure if I can post pictures of people, regular and celebrity. There is a HUGE number of Kinky and curly heads who has hair that grows down ward.

      If a person who has hair that does grow outward wants to switch up a little bit, there are SO many natural products for that.