Have you even been made fun of for the you look?

no I can't put you on a talk show, but I'll ask.


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  • what exactly is "the you look"?

    • The WAY you look

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    • Yep girls will let them self go ater 30 or 40 years of age then you just have some sorry wannabe tennage girl.

    • Your not fugally I'm no women but if you post a pic , on a man to man level, I can tell you your strong points.


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  • yea in middle school girls always made comments about how I'm so skinny like it was a bad thing so I was always insecure about my weight or how chinky my eyes were but in a joking way but other then that not really but its so funny how these people that did make those comments to me are 10X worse then I am

    • Hmm? you have a model face now, so who got the last laugh lol

  • Oh yeah, middle school was horrid...I was even pushed down the stairs. And it was all because I was different than anyone else at the school.

    But now days I don't let people bother me...I just hit them with my walker or wheelchair..^_^

  • yes...I think most people have at one point or another.


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  • We all get picked on for our look, it's because today's society is highly materialistic and superficial. Plus, people on the Internet are d***s.

    And yes, I've been made fun of because of for my looks as has everyone.

    • I believe everyones has

      it's funny we are all insecure of are look in one way or another but some people take it out on others.

      just act like your perfected :) then it will not bother you.

    • That doesn't work, you can try to deny it but you will always be hurt even if it is ever so slightly.

  • I think everybody gets made-fun-of at some point in their life.

  • Yes kids used to make fun of the size of nose when I was in middle school

  • Yes of course.

    Girls make fun of me A LOT actually. I don't let it bother me.

    of all people girls are so insecure why would they try to make someone else feel bad is beyond me...maybe to make themselves feel more secure?

    • Really? like at party....? sschool..?

      well when you do it to girls

      'it;s just so horrible" but if they do it to you it's ok

      you should become steven king,jayz,or bill gates and you'll never have that problem again lol

    • Like I said it doesn't bother me but it amuses me how fickle girls are.

      I get lotsa hot girls. I am just annoyed I guess when girl thinks she has to hurt someone to make herself feel better