Do I repel guys? Why doesn't anyone ask for my number?

I'm 20, in University. I've been single and dateless for about 2 years and now that all my female friends I'm currently living with have people interested in them, I feel really left out. I'm about 5'4, just a bit chubbier than average, quite strong, and Asian (but my friends told me I don't look like a typical Asian/Chinese). I'm outgoing and love having fun, maybe a bit on the crazy side. I'm also the kind of person that will say whatever that's on my mind and will never tell a lie (I always end up not telling the whole truth rather than a lie), but some people find me offensive and has told me I was a b**ch. My friends and I meet guys regularly (not in bars/clubs but in Church and places like that), and I do talk quite a bit, but the guys seems to be more interested in my friends than me, and nobody ever asks for my number let alone asking me out for a date. And all my friends,but me, seem to have guys looking at them all the time.

I just really want to know if I'm just completely unobservant, or I'm just a b**ch as some people say, or do I just simply repel guys.


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  • Ok, your question carries the answer in itself.

    I feel it has something to do with your personality. Remember, the world in 2010 is about being fake, diplomatic and hypocrite. But then, you should use these tools only to get people interested in you.

    Once you are in a relationship, there is nothing better than honesty and simplicity.

    To solve your problem, ask your close friends on how to improve your personality and make it more likeable. I would have given you tips, but (because we're talking through the internet) I don't know what you are really lacking in..

    Good luck!


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  • Either you are physically unattractive or you are unapproachable, or you are not showing enough interest in the man.

    Or all three.

    That's why women don't get asked, don't get approached, and why hot women are dumped for uglier women.

  • My guess: they're intimidated, or you're not throwing out any green lights. Or, they've seen you without a guy for so long they figure you're doing it on purpose.

    In any event, why not just ask a guy out? It solves *all* your problems.

  • There's no such thing as "men-repellent" like there is for insects. There's quite obviously a reason.. If people have TOLD you you're a bitch, then you're probably a mega bitch. People don't say harsh things like that unless they really feel it's necessary.

    Also, in my opinion, you don't sound attractive physically. But don't worry about that, attraction is very subjective. There's probably plenty of guys who'll check you out

  • Story of my life, except I'm a guy and 21. Haven't had a date in 2 years, I talk to girls all the time but never get anywhere. Some people are just like that and have to live with it I guess.


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