Telling a girl I love her with tears on my eyes?

We are both in mid 20s. I met her this summer and I can tell you I fell in love with her almost instantly. Her smile, her charm and her beauty.. I just cannot describe it. First she seemed interested, then we had an argument, and she went cold not replying to my messages or calls. We still talked when we met each other, but she kept me at a distance. There was not one day that I didn't think about her all this time since we met. We recently met at a bar, we both were drinking and I told her how much I love her and while saying that I had tears coming out of my eyes. Well I cannot tell you all the details here, I know I shouldn't have said that.. I just don't know what she thinks of me now, she thinks of me being to sensitive, to weak or whatever... Girls your advice is greatly appreciated. What would you think if you were her.


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  • Aw...yes, that was sensitive, but not too was just you being real and that's definitely awesome. The only thing is, if she backed off already before that, then yes, you're right, you shouldn't have gone there. But there's no use stressing out about it, what's done is done, that's okay. Now how to proceed from here is the question.

    I would start by contacting her and giving her an apology for putting her in an awkward situation. Be honest but casual...let her know that yes, you have feelings for her, but she already knew that before. And while you shouldn't have gone there, you really want her to know that you're not expecting anything from her or pressuring her with your feelings.

    Then at that point, the ball is in her court. You'll know if she wants to continue hanging or not. Just go with the flow and don't over-think anything sweetie - good luck! :)


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  • Yeah, just try not to get over emotional again, & take things slow.

  • If you told me those words within a month then I would think what's he trying to get from me? Is it just the sex, is he trying to use me, etc. Then if you said those words after a month or so after getting to know each other I wouldn't mind if you said that and cried at a bar I would be really happy, and probably say it back if I felt the same way. I think that its sweet your being genuine, and being a vulnerable man. I think what you should do now is just redeem yourself and maybe say it somewhere else instead of at a bar..She probably thinks you didn't really mean it cause you were drunk or buzzed..


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