Seems like he likes me but he doesn't look at me?

OK so he

-includes himself in convos. with my bffls (like me and my girls will be talking all of sudden he ll just jump in but he's also just that kinda person but he doesn't do that with most people but to do that is his kinda personality)

-always teases me (sometimes its a friendly tease but sometimes it seems like its a mean tease but I no its not because he does that with his friends)

-has recently been talking to me more

he doesn't look at me but he's been doing the above do most guys look at a girl they like?do you think he likes me? what do you do wen you flirt?

he stopped talking to me as much :(


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  • You're under 18, I would say yes he likes you. Guys, especially younger guys, are self-concious about themselves and be nervous about asking a girl out, so they try other ways to interact with girls. If he doesn't look at you he might just be nervous, because it becomes obvious if he just stares at you and if he is talking to you personally he just may not be the type of person to continually look at someones face when talking(that's how I am).

    Can't say with 100 percent certainty, without seeing it for myself, but I'd say he more than likely has a crush on you.


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  • You'll have to go to a movie theatre with him to know if he wants to sit in the back there with you ;) I'd guess he'll not say 'no'

  • ask him if he wants to go somewhere with you (just you two though). and flirt with him, and hopefully he'll flirt back. smile a lot at him, and say hi to him whenever you see him with a nice smile on your face.


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  • You can't really tell if he likes you or not from all of those things. They all could just mean that he sees you as a friend and someone to talk to in class. The best way to find out is to be flirty with him or see if he wants to hang out out of school with you. His reactions to those things will give you a good idea whether he is interested in you.