Do guys like it when girls call you daddy?? and why?

i just wanna know, because I was hanging out with this kid and he told me to do something and I told him okay daddy... and he looked at me and he's like what I said okay daddy, and he smiled and he's like lets go to my house... so I guess I turned him on when I called him that... that's why I wanna know if guys like it when we call them daddy?


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  • Well, whatever you do, don't call them "dad" or "father" or "papa." But, yes, for some reason, "daddy" and "momma" are custom terms used between couples to be cute. However, it's usually only used between spouses. But, he smiled, so I guess he liked it.


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  • Yeah, it can definitely be a turn on.

    • But why??

    • It's a submissive gesture. Submissiveness is attractive to a lot of guys. Same reason pig tails and other generally child-like things/behaviors are attractive to many men.

    • "Submissive gesture" is definitely the correct terminology. Such a term turns boys into men...

  • I don't like it, but it's a normal phrase I guess.


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