Why do girls usually hang out with other girls in their 'league'?

I saw a question about this on yahoo answers and it kinda sparked my interest, how most girls hang around with other girls who are on the same level of attractiveness as them. I had never thought of it before, but I would say I am like a 7ish and so are my two best friends. Other girls in my school hang around in kinda chiques too, where usually they're with girls who are pretty much the same attractiveness. Why is this?


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  • I don't know why this is true, but it is. At the university I go to I have a bunch of different kind of friends (not in one category) and when I hangout or walk with my one friend to class girls always look at me weird. Like the look like why are you friends with her. My one friend is half puerto rican and half black, and weighs a bit more than me. But its just weird, just because we don't look similar, I get negative looks. But its whatever because I hangout with people that have cool personality's not for looks.


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  • Cliquishness isn't news in high school...hopefully people grow out of this as they get older.

    It shows how girls tend to rate themselves on media views of what is 'attractive' and arrange their life around that! Frightening, I think!

  • When you're younger yes, when you are older not so much. Young people are really cliquey and try to put themselves in social groups that are rigidly stratified, but as you get older and looks matter less the deciding factor usually ends up being money.

  • Depends on where you live. I have seen an 8 walking with 6's and when our group honked the horn, the 6s looked back but the 8 didn't even look. This was in Texas.


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  • One of my guy friends brought this to my attention yesterday.

    I've noticed that thinner girls tend to hang out with girls who are thinner and

    avoid the ones who are bigger. I think some people have fear of being something

    that is generally not liked as much as the other so they hang out with people who are

    probably considered the most attractive.

    But yeah, beats the heck outta me.

  • I don't. My (female) friends are all pretty, but they have similar personalities to me so it doesn't matter..

  • Because you don't want that one friend who is less pretty making you look bad... it sounds bad BUT think about it your like super pretty but you hang out with the fat chick... no guy wants to come up to you because.. someone has to entertain the grenade which is no fun! lol

  • ppl hang with those they have things in common with.

    if your ugly or average, hanging out with the pretty girl can lower your self esteem when you see her getting all the attention and people ignore you to get to her. or maybe hanging out with a group of girls who aren't the most attractive can be a source of bonding. you can relate to each other better

    some people of a certain level of attractiveness don't like associating with really unattractive people for different reasons. if your pretty, you might feel guilty when the less attractive friend doesn't get as much attention and you do. or you might want to hang out with a group of girls who are just as cute as you so you can all shine together. also sometimes less attractive girls can start to hate on prettier girls.