Is it bad that I dress conservatively?

I am an hourglass shape, I'm average certainly not chubby or overweight but certainly not skinny.I do have big boobs and I am a virgin.I'm secure with my body but I dress conservatively.I don't wear revealing clothing.I do get lots of compliments and I dress "girly" when I want a pick me up,but I don't show cleavage or have half of my butt showing.I don't dress like a nun either.So is it unattractive to dress conservatively?


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  • Nothing wrong with that at all!

  • no there's nothing wrong with that


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  • No it isn't bad.

    Overly revealing=ONS material/Time passing gf

    Conservative=Gf/Wife material

    I do however want to add,you can dress "sexy" but yet classy.But if you aren't comfortable dressing "sexy" then there's nothing wrong with that.

    Alot of people mistake my advice for having a skewed opinion on what guys want,but when a girl comes on here complaining about how her wild,party girlfriends who dress revealing get all of the guys,and how they want to get all of the guys,clearly to some extent she must know that those guys aren't looking for gf's.If a girl wants advice on how to attract those guys,I'll give it.But I don't see too many guys going out with hoochie mama's.

    Dressing conservatively will attract the genuine good guys

  • nope its a good thing:) guys will see that you respect yourself and will therefore respect you in return.