How do you know wheather you have a small or big body frame

how can you tell whether you have a small,medium or big body frame?


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  • I know I have a small frame because compaired to most of the people in my age group I'm smaller than them. Even my clothing size is small - from my jeans to my tops its small. So its rather obvious. I bet medium should be average and big would be above average.

    • No see your body frame has got nothing to do with your weight or dress size at all a fat person can have a small body frame I just wanted to know how you know how to find out what frame you have

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  • I'm sorry for commenting again, but I did some research and found out that by measuring your wrist or your elbow will tell you your body frame size. =)

    I hope you find what you're looking for!

  • I once heard that you can tell by putting your fingers around your wrist. If your fingers overlap, it's small, if they touch, it's medium, and if they don't touch, it's large.

  • anyone who is:

    5'3 or shorter: small

    5'3 - 5-'7: medium

    5'8 +: big

    thats just height, but if you weight over what your supposed to, your just fat.