Are these girls hot, sexy, attractive, average, or unattractive?

*This is a female-version spinoff from a question someone else asked on here. I thought it was interesting and I wanted to know what the results were for girls.* QUESTION: are these girls hot, sexy, attractive, average, below average or unattractive? and can you rate each girl on a scale of 1-10... Show More

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  • first of all, they are exeptions to any of these groups and I usually start my scale at of 1-10 at 1 and not 6 so it may not be the best scale

    1. I'm saying 7-10 but it really depends on how great, especially since I am more about the body

    2. 5

    3. I don't know what you mean, I would call below average ugly but if you mean not ugly and not pretty then I would say 7-9 again depends on how great the body is

    4. if super skinny mean little to no curves then but no bad fat I'd say 2-6 depends on how good the face and how much your body resembles an 10 years old, asain (as in the race) are the exemption because I have an unnatural obsession and I exspect an asian to have little to no body

    5. 1-3 depends on how much bady and how good the curves curves. if you have bad and no curves that's like a 1 again depends on the specific