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What do you guys find cute in a girl? what she says/ does?

Just a curious question.


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  • usually it's if I can hold a good conversation with them, we share common interests, she is into music whether it be listening, playing, or beltng out their favorite song. she has a style that is either like rock tee shirts and semi emo but not full out or athetic and shows that styel through her conversations. she isn't obnoxious. and things I find cute change from girl to girl. on some it's a laugh, others it's a smile. some it's just the way they make me feel. usually her being herself lets me find something cute if they are my type


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  • I'm going to list some of my personal:

    1) Short hair, not necessary very short.

    2) A little shyness is great.

    3) The way she looks (uses her eyes) <3.

    4) Moderately stubborn.

    5) Some other things/actions any girl might do, such as giggling, admitting she's wrong, cursing quietly, blushing, being nervous, dressing girlishly or sleeping peacefully.

    Well, that's what I consider cute xD, it's a little indescribable, but I tried my best.

    Peace out :D

  • Her humor/ sarcasm is cute, but its got to be tasteful and very smart humor, not mean gossip type humor...

    When she plays with/grooms her hair with just her hand is cute.

    Singing to a song via her iPod or just by memory.

    Having a certain catchphrase. i.e. "what's shakin bacon?"

  • I think shy girls are pretty cute, its always fun to mess with them since theyre so shy.

    • What do you mean mess with them? :s

    • idk anything that would make her blush or uncomfortable, but not in a bad way.

    • I feel you...yeah shy girls are sweet

  • I think its cute when a woman like Cassadee Pope makes cheesy love songs on her acoustic guitar and sings in a sweet voice.


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