Why do girls think this is sexy?

Girls keep doing these things to themselves and their bodies that are repulsive and silly. It may just be me who thinks as such but here is a list of some of the stupid crap that I don't get:

-Fake/Painted fingernails, Why do people think this is sexy? it just looks weird and slutty

- Obscene heels, you look like a moron wearing obviously uncomfortable and tricky-to-walk-in shoes

- Heels with pants, heels are meant to make your legs look long and slender - why would you wear pants? it defeats the purpose of the heels

- Garish makeup, Guys don't want to notice that you are wearing make-up. Be subtle, the Krusty clown look isn't all that great.

- Slutty short skirts/shorts, I'm not saying this can't be attractive. but if you dress like a slut how do you think people are going to categorize you?

- Why do people find piercings attractive? I include earings and gut piercings in this, I don't think there particularly unattractive I just don't see the point

- Skirts with pants underneath. why?

I don't know about what other guys think, but girls that appear more natural are a lot more attractive, if you look like you tried to hard with your appearance and fail (which more often than not most people do) it is very unappealing.

You people are very silly, you don't dress for yourselves - stop pretending! ask this to yourselves, DO you plaster on the makeup and walk around your home in heels? Then why do you do it when you leave your home? For other people, never for yourselves.
Just because you consider yourself to be pretty doesn't make it so in fact some people, such as myself, think you look silly. No one has answered the questions, I wanted to know why you do these things.
It is clear my brilliance is failed on you, none of you seem to realize all these little thing that you all adorn aren't attractive. I consider many of the ways men try to 'pretty' themselves to be ridiculous as well I just didn't post a question about it
I seem to have touched a nerve with some of you but don't worry I can guarantee that most guys will love the fact you dress up like filthy whores. I just don't myself, I enjoy people for their minds.
This is the last tip I will leave for all you aspiring trollops.Most guys will copulate with anything with a heart beat, cut the crap just announce you will do every guy in the room. Stop trying so hard. You don't look cute or original, just cheap.
I'm not going to deny that I'm immature. I don't care how women dress, and I find most of the stuff up there quite sexy. I'm a very bored person, thanks for keeping me entertained for a while. p.s the internet is for anonymous assholes like me.


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  • Well, for one, I don't have fake fingernails. I work in an office, and depending how much I type, I could just see them flying everywhere. I say painted fingernails make chicks look attractive. The bold colors, it makes a girl bend her fingers back and want to look at 'em. Really, I don't think that we paint them for guys, or we would be painting your fingers too, so you can share in the wealth.

    Two, the heels. They have been around for ages. Its fashion, its sexy. It doesn't make us look slutty, it make us want to show off our pretty ankles. Remember the movie " A Christmas Story?" Ralph's dad was in awe of the leg lamp, the fishnet stockings, the black pump heel. Its one reason why women can strut around and pull men down with them. Its power, fashion is.

    Three, women with and jeans with heels dresses up the blue-collar outfit. To you it looks slutty, but if we wore sneakers, it would make us feel like we have to work out, or like a kid. Heels make it more sophisticated.

    Four, if the chick has more make up than Boy George, then yeah, I agree, somethings wrong there, but its all about attraction. You guys put on cologne, and gel, and fix your caveman eyebrows, but we put on makeup, and it makes us look entrancing, glowing, and just make us feel beautiful. Thank - god for hypoallergenic.

    Five, Short skirts are made to draw the mans eye to her legs, butt and dream up fantasies. I guess it depends where you wear the shorts and skirts. Work is not a good choice, school, is not a good choice, but its for fun. As Cindy Lauper says," Girls just want to have fun"

    Six, all people have different things that attract them to different people. If we all looked alike, then it would be a boring world. Piercings can attract people that love piercings. They didn't pierce themselves for those that hate the look, but for themselves and those that love it.

    Seven, I have never seen girls with skirts and pants underneath. I think I live under a rock.

    Eight, these styles are to attract the horny, the perverted. and the average girl that wants to stand out. Ok, I'm done.

    I think I broke a nail because of you.

    • Haha wow you just blew my mind away. And you probably told him of better than I did.

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    • I never said heels make girls look slutty, the was born of your own mind which suggests you secretly think heels make a girl look like a slut. Heels and sneakers, if only they were an alternative... what about those slip on shoes? I only said short skirts were slutty nothing else, it is clear you hate yourself and you think you are a cheap whore - I'm sure you're not. A great deal of the population does! dress like this - it makes the world a boring place, why not be an individual???

    • If I commented on everything, then my hands would just break off. I need them for masturbating, so buzz off.

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  • I agree with everything except for skirts with pants underneath - I think that is such an adorable look! But I guess not everyone likes that. Still, it's kind of a fashion thing I guess, if you don't get it, don't look too much into it.

    Though short shorts/skirts can be comfortable, you know. And it doesn't matter what other people think. It only matters what the girl wearing the short skirt thinks, and what the guy she's showing off for thinks. ;)

    Also, some piercings aren't too bad. But yeah, I don't find piercings very attractive either.

    • If it didn't matter what others thought why wouldn'y everyone wear footsie pyjamas everywhere?

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    • The point of my question was that they don't look attractive

    • Well, they're not attractive to you. But I'm sure there are others who find these things attractive.

      Err.. maybe. Well, not me, for the most part haha.

  • -Fake/Painted fingernails, Why do people think this is sexy? it just looks weird and slutty


    - Obscene heels, you look like a moron wearing obviously uncomfortable and tricky-to-walk-in shoes


    - Heels with pants, heels are meant to make your legs look long and slender - why would you wear pants? it defeats the purpose of the heels


    - Garish makeup, Guys don't want to notice that you are wearing make-up. Be subtle, the Krusty clown look isn't all that great.


    - Slutty short skirts/shorts, I'm not saying this can't be attractive. but if you dress like a slut how do you think people are going to categorize you?


    - Why do people find piercings attractive? I include earings and gut piercings in this, I don't think there particularly unattractive I just don't see the point


    - Skirts with pants underneath. why?


  • Some women overdo it. But your judgements are a little brutal. Some women lack fashion sense. Some women are slaves of fashion (fashion trend followers). Some women think excess make-up is sexy. Personally, I think less is best. But that's MY opinion. You're not a woman so you will NEVER understand this. No offense, "Whores" come in all shapes and sizes. Just because a woman is wearing minimal make-up or is covered up, does not mean she isn't sexually promiscuous either. It kills me, when some men think going to the clubs, observing scantily-clad ladies will get them laid---NOT! Trust me, like YOU they end up going home ALONE!

  • i've never had fake nails, couldn't stand them, maybe once

    however I occasionally paint them, for myself, not for any other guy to see cause I'm single

    and I think some guys like it, some guys don't care.

  • MOst women just follow fashion. They don't know or care how it is perceived especially by guys who they assume don't understand fashion. We're not trying to look cheap although often that is the result, I admit.

    When I was younger I was often guilty of this. Hopefully women will start to realize the impression they give. AND start to care what other people think. Many are so self centered they don't ever give any thought to people's reactions.

    And let's admit it, many enjoy the attention they get from 'bad boys' who LIKE slutty and cheap looking girls.

  • Fake/Painted fingernails: I love nails. it has nothing to do with looking sexy. I don't grow out my nails or wear fake ones anymore because I have contacts and that just frightens me, but nailpolish is awesome. I think you saying naipolish is slutty is kind of ----- weird :S

    obscene heels: I agree.

    heels with pants: it depends on the pants. let's not pretend you know much about fashion.

    garish makeup: if guys don't notice you're wearing makeup, then how do you know it's garish? you contradicted yourself. guys may not notice mascara or coverup, or whatever, but they obviously notice the eyeshadow, eyeliner, and lipstick. personally I stick to mascara and chapstick and occasionally eyeliner if I feel like it.

    - Slutty short skirts/shorts, I'm not saying this can't be attractive. but if you dress like a slut how do you think people are going to categorize you? ----well, I agree with this, so nothing to say here.

    - Why do people find piercings attractive? I include earings and gut piercings in this, I don't think there particularly unattractive I just don't see the point

    ----- you have a problem with earrings of all things? I'm not going to bother with the belly button rings, I wouldn't get that sh*t, but seriously, earrings? first the naipolish, now this? I think YOU're the weird one.

    - Skirts with pants underneath. why? --- they're called tights. and at first I hated them. now I've warmed up to the idea. I think they've partly emerged to compensate for the skanks who wish it wasn't too cold for hoochie skirts in winter. they've dealt accordingly though, since now most girls don't even wear anything on top of the tights. those liquid tights are the nastiest. it looks like prostitute clothing.

    and actually, believe it or not, while sometimes I do dress for a guy I'll be meeting/know will be seeing later; a lot of times when I go out, I DO DO IT for MYSELF. do you know how much fun it is to dress up? Well, I guess not. HALF the fun of going out IS the dress-up. I don't even care for clubbing all that much, and I would NEVER date anyone I met at a club or a bar, or even give my number or even do anything more than like a 5min makeout session.

    when friends and I go out, we spend at least 1.5hrs blasting the music, pre-drinking, and trying on stuff and doing make-up and taking pictures. because it is SO fun.

    and sometimes if I'm having a bad day or a bad week, I like to dress up extra nice or put on more makeup because it makes me feel like I deserve it to look good- I do do it for myself.

    don't worry you haven't touched on any nerve here. I personally think you're an idiot and the brialliance comment made me laugh. well, on the inside. it'd be weird if I actually laughed out load reading it. but I did sort of smile.

    also I love your little justification about being bored.

    you know what's reallyyy annoying-- when you post a question AGES ago and you STILL get answers on it. nowww THAT is just freaking annoying...

  • I really don't get why girls paint their nails, but I don't think it's slutty at all. Who looks at nails in a provocative way? It's about appearance, not sexual arousal.

    Heels with pants--heels do not exist for the sole purpose of making a girl's legs look better, that's just how you as a guy see them. I'm short, I prefer pants to dresses, and heels look better when you're dressed up than flats do. Ere go, I'm going to wear heels with pants.

    Skirts with pants underneath. . .I haven't seen too many girls do that, so I don't really have an opinion on the matter.

    I agree with you on pretty much everything else, but everyone's entitled to do as they please regardless of what you happen to think; to each his own.

    • Oh I knew a girl who wore skirts with pants underneath. She moved around a lot and lived in diff. places and she said that was the harajuku style

  • Okay you probably won't like this but how the hell can painted fingernails make you look weird and slutty?! Unless you've got like 5 inch curling daggers-then that would be pretty weird.

    • Nails aren't supposed to be green or purple, therefore they are weird. They are slutty because they are widely adorned by pornstars and are only worn to attract attention. Problem is the only guys sexaully arroused by bright colours are f***ing morons.

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    • I like to express myself with nail polish. I didn't know that nails made one look slutty lol


      i still don't get the painted fingernails comment. I could see the fake nails, but the nailpolish...


  • Some of the things you are saying make sense to me, but earrings? I've never heard of anyone having a problem with that, it's so standard.

    Just a guess here, but you conservative politically?

    • I am not a politician, I don't vote.

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    • I think 'polotics' are ridiculous, I don't want to follow someone else's ideoligies. Because I can somewhat think for myself. I know nothing of the American conservatives and did not assume they would be exactly the same as the 'Tory' party. But to be honest I don't care.

    • All right dude, whatever. I asked you a pretty straight question and you wouldn't answer it. I see. You don't want to make your viewpoints seem politically motivated. Fine.

      You sound narrow and harsh. I think you'll have trouble finding a girl who likes that.

  • I'm just gonna ask you this because I'm just curious. What kind of guy are you? (not a retorical question). Cause I don't do my nails, I like them a lot on girls, but they don't last with me! Do you feel the same about boots with pants or just heels? Ear piercings? I've always wondered why moms pierce their babies ears ( personally wouldn't want to) My mom did, and when I was little I would always lose my earings, and somehow my piercing would close up, and at the time I thought my mom was so cruel with me, because she'd shove it in there, pain or no pain! She just wanted to make me look pretty though : ) but how if I grew up with three brothers, that I constantly was with. I'm a pretty simple girl, that wears jeans everyday and sneakers, very very natural make up, always leave my hair down, and well many guys just think that's simple,. Obviously not to you. Don't get me wrong though I get hit on by many guys, but I've always wondered. Which is why I ask what type of guy are you?

    • I forgot the archetypes for men, What is that supposed to mean? what type of guy am I?

  • ok I have just read a couple of comments and I really don't c y you guys are all fightin.

    i totally agree with the whole natural look is better some girls don't like it.

    I would say that a lot of the time girls get really dressed up 2 feel better about themselves I no I do. It's simple if I get dressed up and go out more guys look at ya and it makes you feel good. Don't know if ever girl see's it like that but that's y I do it.

    - nail's - 2 me they are a sign of perfection. I paint the tips of my nails white makes them look longer and stand out

    - Heels in genral I love. I could go out without them but wearin them simply makes you walk better (if you can walk in them lol ) taller and the sound of them makes the guys turn round

    - make-up really depends on the girl a lot of people won't go out without it but more girls are going 4 the natural look

    - peicerings can b a sexual thing dependin on where ya get periced as for the likes of ears its all about accessories girls love them makes you more indiviual

    - don't get the whole skirt with pants but a lot things are strange as most girls don't want 2 look like the next girl they wanna stand out and that's were fashion comes in2 it

    As for the dressin like a slut with skirts and shorts are watever. Its simple aswell all girls do it (not that its an excuse) but 4 me when I used 2 do it ( I still would just haven't in a long time) it was me just lettin my hair down. I would wear short shorts and heels with dark eye make-up probably looked like a slut with guys lookin everywhere but it made me enjoy myself and feel good

    Oh and another point if you look at a famous girl singer she will be wearin everythin you seem 2 disagree with but u'll still drool over her and girls will 2 as they just wanna b like them so y not try?

    • You have a warped mind, I give up.

    • Now I understand y these girls are fighting with. they way I c it is ur only 17 you obviousyl need 2 grow p and grow a set

  • hahaha this is hilarious! :)

  • If you don't like the make up etc. look, fair enough. it doesn't give you the right to come on here and try tell girls who do like it WHY they apparently like to have their appearance that way. Nobody wants your opinion rammed down their throats, and to be honest you're being more that insulting. Nobody is saying you have to be with one of those women since they're clearly not your taste, and nobody gave you the right to comment on those women just because in your opinion they're "filthy whores".

    If this was a genuine question about why women do it, if you were actually curious that would be okay, that's what this site is for of course. but instead you come on with your outrageously prejudiced views on the whole topic.

    You have serious issues with women my friend.

  • Not all females dress like this. Only UGLY women and girls who think they are not pretty enough (sluts) wear like that. I mean, it's not a RULE not to wear nicely but I don't wear make-up unless its an important event or out pulling guys. And Some people who are naturally born beautiful don't waste all their time this and that, they just throw on anything they see in their wardrobe. And sometimes it's for fun.

  • painted nails- I don't do fakes, but painting my nails is just something fun if I'm bored.

    heels- I hate heels, but if you are wearing a dress for a fancy thing you can't wear gym shoes, but I would love to :p no girl ACTUALLY likes heels.

    make up- I don't wear too much but some girls are insecure and want to do it. I don't even know why lol.

    shorts- hey we can't wear pants in the summer

    skirts and pants- I used to do it. if you can do it right, its cute if not you look like an idiot

  • Different people like different things. Some guys like the plain jane low maintanence look, some like em glam. Many Women don't dress for men anyway. If you have your own personal style, you wear what you want if you like it.

    • That's what one girl told him and he said "no you don't"

    • I forgot, he is the expert on women. He knows what's in our minds lol!

  • All I can say is you are mostly Sexist. There are guys who change their appearance, like steroids. (no offence guys just need to make a point)

  • the truth is girls dress in these skimppy looking clothing because many think that the more skin they show the more a guy will like them, which is unfortunate. But make up and fake nails and even heels make a lot of gals feel better about them selves. I don't believe that girls should put on a shit load of make up, it's fake. About the heels and jeans, it fashion! I don't get it sometimes, and I am a girl! Besides its what's in and women like and want to look like the " hollywood star" and will dress crazy like to make a statement about them selves and sometime its to make there social statuss better.

    It's nice to know that you aren't one of those PIGS out there that only want the girls for there body!

    Good for you!

  • i know people have already hashed out over this but for the record...i do put on makeup and wear heels around the house.

  • Well besides doing it for most ungreateful bastrads. We also do it to make ourselfs feel better, we love it when we look nice. Dressing up and looking pretty is how we jack off, so if you don't like what we go through then you might be more interestead in guys.

    • Why would I be grateful? just because you appreciate it doesn't mean I want you to do it.

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    • Most men love sluts, I do not. It's hard to ignore neon looking fingernails. Men are typically more apathetic and don't care about minor details. Nor do I. I posted this question for a reaction, I don't care what girls wear.

    • I don't think he is exactly saying its slutty, I think he just thinks its un needed junk... I think he just wants girls to dress comfortably and be themselves.

  • Actually, I do play around with my makeup and play dress up when I'm at home, lol. Often more so then when I actually go and socialize. So I'm just going to brush off your possible reasons for why we do it, and give you mine.

    1. Painting Fingernails- I do this a lot during the spring and summer and neglect during the colder months. Why? Because it's fun to sit in the sun and paint my toes.

    2. Heels- I honesty like the height that I get with them. Also, I'm always gellin like a felon, so it doesn't actually cause me problems. Plus, I just think that they're cute, and I can walk properly in them. It's not so much that my legs look better in them, because who cares about that, but that I just like them.

    3. "Garish" Makeup- I'm a big believer in being natural, but don't tell me there are some night when you're like "Screw it, we're going to do some work with this" and then make yourself look different for a fun night out.

    4. Short Hemlines- This is way more excusable in the summer than in the winter, due to the heat. All in all, if it's not on me, I don't care.

    5. Piercings- I don't have any either, but there's a long standing history of piercings, and it's not going to change, so don't sweat it. It's not your earlobes, so don't fret. It's just another way to accessorize.

    6. Skirts and Pants- I'm pretty sure you're talking about leggings or tights, as I don't really see the pants and skirt combo often or ever. Sometimes, the weather just calls for it.

    My assessment is that you shouldn't care how other people dress because it's not you. If you happen to dislike something about yourself, then just change it and work on it and stop making people feel bad because you're lazy.

  • I see what you're saying, and I'm against all that caked on make up too. The only make up I wear is Some face powder stuff because it super annoys me when my skin is all shiny, and a bit of mascara and eye shadow. Never lipstick, and never anything that takes longer than like, two minutes. I also have nothing pierced, no fake nails, though I paint mine from time to time. I can honestly say I dress for myself. Okay, I dress to make myself feel hot. Of course I don't get all clothed if I'm not going to be seen by anyone, but if I am, I want to look good. I feel like presenting your best you, but also the real you, is important sometimes. Okay, to sum it all up, I think there should be a healthy balance. Somedays, I wear a dress and do my hair all nice and blah blah blah, and others I go to school in my pajamas and glasses and with no make up on. I'm not saying I'm perfect, though, just to be clear. d:

    • I completely agree with you, natural is the hottest form of beauty. I mean, if I find a girl attractive, I find her attractive, not what she can smoother on to change her appearance to be attractive. no make up is hot and no pericings is preferred too

    • You should replicate your brain so there will be more guys like that. I know there are quite a few, but they're pretty sparse where I am.

    • Lol, thank you :). I see, some guys can be too shallow

  • girls like being girls!we like make-up painting are nails geting are hair done,girls shoudl have some self pride in there appearance if we didn't then I'm sure most guys would moan.you seem to think a girl taking pride in her self means that's she's slutty I no a lot of girls who wear no make up or do nothin with there hair etc and there by far the worst around.dont judge!let girls be girls!

  • I totally agree! I'm a girl but basically all the stuff you mentioned I agree with! WHY do they have fake fingernails, the piercigs, ad all that makeup.it looks gross all I use is mascara and I leik it liek that! I think all that stuff is gay and demeaning .i ask thsoe questions all the time nad still cnat get an answer besides that theryre just desperate for attention

  • oddly, guys give me the most looks when I'm in a pony & sweats, no makeup... not to say I don't get attention when I go out, but you definitely attract a different type. down to earth looks= down to earth guy checking you out.

    • Absolutely, I like a clean looking girl. i.e., no or minimal makeup and sensible clothes.

  • ummm might want to check back what you put on my question.hint .he doesn't like you .then why doesn't he want me to move on.go back to my question I left out a lot of info blah

  • Ok you are bloody crazy

    If you were a girl I bet you would do many more slutty things than listed above...

    and not all girls put on fake nail and all the crap put up there

    Oh and most girls that do stuff lyk tht are hookers meaning you only go out with hookers rite.

    • Says the girl with the bikini avatar.

      Nice, btw.

    • Wat its just a bikini?

    • I think he was implying that your trying to say not all girls act slutty, and your getting all defenceive, so he puts in that your profile pic is abit slutty. but hten goes on to say that's is hot

  • Amen

  • dude who cares what you think. your fat, and you have a shitty attitude. you probably couldn't pay most women to think your sexy. most guys think girls who make an effort in their appearance is sexy, so why should girls care what you think? you probably look like crap and want ur girl to look equally ugly lol

    • Hahaha omg I can't belive you just said that, I absolutely love u

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    • Haha well said. that guy is so pathetic, usually I expect these "questions" (if you could even call them that) to come from horrible immature girls.

    • Lol, I know, right?

  • I hate fake fingernails, but I don't ever go without painting my nails. I usually keep mine short but I like to paint mine. There is nothign trashy about that. There are a ton of stlye rules that guys don't know about or even get. And it gets on my nerves how guys question those and thnk they are some know it all. But the heels with pants do elongate your legs. The pants make your legs look long and you look taller. We don't go around questioning why guys wear what they do, so don't question why we wear what we do. Guys don't know anything about girl fashion so they shouldn't uestion it. Piercings mae people stand out, I have my ears pierced and I lvoe to be able to change up earrings. The skirts with pants is pretty stupid, it is not a fashion rule at all. It doesn't d anything for a girl's figure, I gues it is supposed to look different. You seem retty niever here and if you go around dissing every girl you see because you don't like something she has, then you are going to be a lonelt old man. Or gay whichever you ppick.

    • Yeah because I go around abusing every girl I see that dresses like a moron. You know you're right I don't know anything about women's fashion, just like I know very little about Nazism if I see someone exterminating Jews I guess I'll have to accept it. You girls that put so much effort in and fail - just give up! and read a post properly I already said I thought male fashion was stupid.

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    • No you don't. See my above updates.

    • How do you know why girls dress the way they do? Why would a girl wear something that she looks awful in? It wouldn't give her confidence. That;s why we wear stuff we look good in to get us confidence around otehr people. If a girl feesl great in what she is weaing don't criticize her.

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  • coz one it is trendy, and two guys do go crazy over it- it's part of the fantasy-

  • i totally agree man, sometimes I'm on the subway and I see these girls that look like natural beauties but then they got all this crap on them that makes them unattractive. I think its the new trend, if one person thinks its attractive, the rest tend to follow.

  • I love everything they do turns me on. Look at the those ancient japanese styles they whore tons of make up but they looked beutiful. It is part of the fantasy Look at cleopatra, or shaire for that matter! high heels turn me on so does stockings and fishnets. I am an artist so the more things a girl does that's appealing to the eye the better, because guys are allured by sight. Instinctively women know this so they peacock to get noticed. look at those indian singers you know from india they are drenched in fashion and gold and make up an jewelry. I love it when a chick gets all done up for me, makes me feel important! Plain jane is cool but its ceremonial for girls to fix themselves up for the mating ritual. If you was getting married would you want your fience running around looking like she just woke up? prob right, and why is that? because natural beuty should be enhanced out of respect for male domination.

  • Man, you've really got a hangup about this. Give the girls a break. They're making an effort to look nice, so good for them. The fact that a pathetic a**hole like you doesn't like it doesn't matter a sh*t. The only thing you mention that I agree with is piercings-they do look dumb, but it's their decision. Yes, girls are fashion victims-they get pressure from fashion magazines and girls they hang out with to look a certain way or do certain things, but 99 per cent of them are intelligent enough to realise this as they get older and become their own person. High heels? Make up? Short skirts? All fantastic and brilliant in my book. Keep it up girls and ignore idiots like this who think they are being really clever but are just morons.