Why do girls think this is sexy?

Girls keep doing these things to themselves and their bodies that are repulsive and silly. It may just be me who thinks as such but here is a list of some of the stupid crap that I don't get:

-Fake/Painted fingernails, Why do people think this is sexy? it just looks weird and slutty

- Obscene heels, you look like a moron wearing obviously uncomfortable and tricky-to-walk-in shoes

- Heels with pants, heels are meant to make your legs look long and slender - why would you wear pants? it defeats the purpose of the heels

- Garish makeup, Guys don't want to notice that you are wearing make-up. Be subtle, the Krusty clown look isn't all that great.

- Slutty short skirts/shorts, I'm not saying this can't be attractive. but if you dress like a slut how do you think people are going to categorize you?

- Why do people find piercings attractive? I include earings and gut piercings in this, I don't think there particularly unattractive I just don't see the point

- Skirts with pants underneath. why?

I don't know about what other guys think, but girls that appear more natural are a lot more attractive, if you look like you tried to hard with your appearance and fail (which more often than not most people do) it is very unappealing.

You people are very silly, you don't dress for yourselves - stop pretending! ask this to yourselves, DO you plaster on the makeup and walk around your home in heels? Then why do you do it when you leave your home? For other people, never for yourselves.
Just because you consider yourself to be pretty doesn't make it so in fact some people, such as myself, think you look silly. No one has answered the questions, I wanted to know why you do these things.
It is clear my brilliance is failed on you, none of you seem to realize all these little thing that you all adorn aren't attractive. I consider many of the ways men try to 'pretty' themselves to be ridiculous as well I just didn't post a question about it
I seem to have touched a nerve with some of you but don't worry I can guarantee that most guys will love the fact you dress up like filthy whores. I just don't myself, I enjoy people for their minds.
This is the last tip I will leave for all you aspiring trollops.Most guys will copulate with anything with a heart beat, cut the crap just announce you will do every guy in the room. Stop trying so hard. You don't look cute or original, just cheap.
I'm not going to deny that I'm immature. I don't care how women dress, and I find most of the stuff up there quite sexy. I'm a very bored person, thanks for keeping me entertained for a while. p.s the internet is for anonymous assholes like me.


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  • Well, for one, I don't have fake fingernails. I work in an office, and depending how much I type, I could just see them flying everywhere. I say painted fingernails make chicks look attractive. The bold colors, it makes a girl bend her fingers back and want to look at 'em. Really, I don't think that we paint them for guys, or we would be painting your fingers too, so you can share in the wealth.

    Two, the heels. They have been around for ages. Its fashion, its sexy. It doesn't make us look slutty, it make us want to show off our pretty ankles. Remember the movie " A Christmas Story?" Ralph's dad was in awe of the leg lamp, the fishnet stockings, the black pump heel. Its one reason why women can strut around and pull men down with them. Its power, fashion is.

    Three, women with and jeans with heels dresses up the blue-collar outfit. To you it looks slutty, but if we wore sneakers, it would make us feel like we have to work out, or like a kid. Heels make it more sophisticated.

    Four, if the chick has more make up than Boy George, then yeah, I agree, somethings wrong there, but its all about attraction. You guys put on cologne, and gel, and fix your caveman eyebrows, but we put on makeup, and it makes us look entrancing, glowing, and just make us feel beautiful. Thank - god for hypoallergenic.

    Five, Short skirts are made to draw the mans eye to her legs, butt and dream up fantasies. I guess it depends where you wear the shorts and skirts. Work is not a good choice, school, is not a good choice, but its for fun. As Cindy Lauper says," Girls just want to have fun"

    Six, all people have different things that attract them to different people. If we all looked alike, then it would be a boring world. Piercings can attract people that love piercings. They didn't pierce themselves for those that hate the look, but for themselves and those that love it.

    Seven, I have never seen girls with skirts and pants underneath. I think I live under a rock.

    Eight, these styles are to attract the horny, the perverted. and the average girl that wants to stand out. Ok, I'm done.

    I think I broke a nail because of you.

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      Haha wow you just blew my mind away. And you probably told him of better than I did.

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      I never said heels make girls look slutty, the was born of your own mind which suggests you secretly think heels make a girl look like a slut. Heels and sneakers, if only they were an alternative... what about those slip on shoes? I only said short skirts were slutty nothing else, it is clear you hate yourself and you think you are a cheap whore - I'm sure you're not. A great deal of the population does! dress like this - it makes the world a boring place, why not be an individual???

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      If I commented on everything, then my hands would just break off. I need them for masturbating, so buzz off.