I would love to know what is going inside a girl's mind when they think about attraction..

What do they find the most attractive on a male?


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  • Women can be attracted for men for a lot of reasons. She might find him attractive because he is good looking or in good shape. Something esle that really attracts women is confidence. This really makes a guy look good to me & consider him even if he is not the best looking guy. If he thinks he's great, not arrogant, then I'll think he's great. Some women are attracted to men because they are intelligent & the woman feels he is stimulating her mind. Another characteristic many women find attractive is passion. When I say passion, I don't mean sex. I mean like a man is passionate about music, art, or life in general. These men seem full of life & you can't get enough of them. Men who are good natured & moral are also attractive because they are honorable & you feel blessed if they want to be with you. Every woman is attracted to different things & different men.

    Is it the same way with men?

    • Well, is it? Well what I find attractive in a female is: Is she fun to be around? Is she pure? Does she carry herself with confidence? Does she have light in her eyes? Is she in shape?Does she have a great personality? Is she faithful?Does she deticate herself to me? And most important of all: Is she trust worthy? Is she my best friend? Does she throw herself at me? Does she stand by my side, no matter what? Does she only talk to me? Does she admire me?...There is so much these our my perspecti


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  • Well, first thing I notice is eyes. If you have shocking blue, green, hazel eyes, I'm lured in...brown eyes can sometimes be really attractive as well, but it's so common it has less of an effect on me. I then notice hair; what colour, length, is it greasy? How's it styled? Blond hair is my biggest weakness...messy hair can make me weak in the lengths. Messy, blond hair and you're all set.

    I then look at body structure; fat, tall, short, thin? I tend to go for mediumish - tall men (5'8" + is good for me) who are thin and not too muscular...more lean.

    Of course, all this happens in a split second.

    Hands are also a turn on for me...are they bigger than mine (and hopefully they would be because I have small, feminine hands, haha)? Do they look strong? And then usually I visual their hands on my back, face, in my hand and try to compare their size of their hand to that area (my back, face etc).

    But of course, when it comes down to it, personality and character are key. Kindness, respect, mature, funny, etc..

  • Lately, when I see this one particular guy that I'm attracted to, I start to picture what I want to happen. Bodies up against each other, hands roaming, his arms around me. And I kind of forget to breathe.

    But as to what body type attracts me... I like a lean/muscular frame. My height (5'10"). For some reason I like a good jaw line. Kind of square with clear bone structure. I like good hands (neat fingernails, not too chubby or stickly). And muscular arms and abs will make a girl weak in the knees.

    Personality... smart, patient, good listener, honest, loyal, and behaves like a gentleman: opens doors, offers coat, etc.

    • Hmm...sounds like the way I think when I picture something :P

  • Hands down confidence and humor. I'm extremely sarcastic an I laugh at myself an poke fun so if some guy can't laugh it wouldn't work. And then confidence if you think your worth nothing how are others suppose to feel.

  • there are a lot of things..

    personality-wise, I like him to be nice,funny, and fun to hang around with and talk to

    looks-wise,i like a fit guy who plays sports and has a cute face haha

    everyones different!

  • I love the v shape. like broad shoulders then a smaller waist. but not to much smaller. and some muscles. wooooooohhhhhhhhhhh. that's sexy!


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  • ughh, Ill tell you the reason that you and every other wimp wants to know what a girl is thinking. You want to read a girls mind to know what she likes SO THAT you can behave in a way that you THINK she will like. That is called being a p**** man. You can't be a little bitch and behave in ways that you THINK will get girls to like you because its purely fake. Stop being afraid what they like and just go find out. Overthinking these kinds of things is only going to screw you up. Wanna know if a girl likes you?: go find out