So what's your system of rating girls?

I know all guys have them.

What are you parameters for a 1-10?


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  • I go with a multi-layered 1-10, where I'd rate a girl's body, mind, and personality. I know a TON of a girl who physically would be a 8 or 9, but they're so self-absorbed and stupid that they fall down to a 3 or 4.

    For body, I generally go for petite brunette girls, like Hilary Duff when she had brown hair. Good lord, what I would do to her... anyway, 1-10 is like a percentile of how close a girl's body is to that. Though even Hilary Duff is too damn thin, as I'd want a girl to actually be able to eat a meal I cooked for her rather than taking two bites before she was "full". So think Hilary Duff + about 20 pounds

    Mind-wise, it's not just about intelligence in terms of like IQ scores, but open-mindedness and desire to explore (though not in the literal travel sense) along with the ability to argue without just getting into a screamfest, and the ability to see things from multiple perspectives.

    Personality it'd be a) how sweet you are, b) how much of an attention whore you are (as in any attention-whore qualities immediately dock points), c) how much you're willing to please me, humor, etc etc etc

    But again, it all averages out. A good friend of mine I'd probably rate a 7 or 8 overall even though she'd probably only physically be a 4 or 5 because her personality and mind rock. And, as I mentioned before, there are LOADS of girls who are in the 6-9 range physically who I wouldn't waste time talking to because they're only like 3 overall.

  • i don't think that deeply of it, if a girl looks good I just think she looks good. I don't care for the numbers thing.

  • 10) link

    9) link

    8) link

    7) link

    6) link

    5) link

    4) link

    3) link

    2) link

    1) link

    • thats your definition of a 5 damnnn id go that low, pun intended!

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    • your 1 should be a -1256723876234. XD

    • I noticed your request so I thought I would comment, I would give you a 3 but In fairness I'm usually not attracted attracted to white girls and I hate blond hair (unless its mixed with something) and my scale starts at 1 and not 5 (as one is slightly attractive). I'm also more into the body and by the way your eye is what I thought what got you most of the rating

  • Well I work my numbers system on personality and there general outlook on life.

    Its funny Because most girls don't get it when they ask me to rate someone And I give a girl who is physically a 9 like a 6 because she's so bitchy , puts a bad taste in your mouth looking at her

    In my Books

    1- I have never met a 1, So ugly its ridiculous like the type of people who can never look anything better than ugly even with surgery

    2- picture the ugliest person you Know

    3-slightly Better

    4-slightly better

    5-Girl with cute face / terrible body or awesome body/horrible face

    6-Standard healthy girl with normal looks ( somewhat attractive )

    7-standard girl with Awesome personality or hot girl with A Bar personality

    8-hot body / face good personality

    9-hot Body/face + good personality and gives of a natural Vibe to everyone around her , You know the type of girls that just draw you in ?

    And Finally

    To me a 10 is not only incredibly attractive ( not necessarily Physically ) but also is the postergirl For What the ideal girl should be, and fills in all the Blanks for me personally

  • It's a very complicated thing. You just know who is the 10 and who is the 9, but most hot girls are 8s and the majority of everyday girls usually range from 4 to 7. I based my raing just in looks from the first impression, but it may change as I get to know the girl, it could go up or down depending on her habitual facial gestures, voice, mannerisms, self image, and even social status.

    For looks a 10 is like a 2003 Heidi Klum or a 2005 Alessandra Ambrosio, a 9 is like a 2007 Miranda Kerr or a 2006 Jessica Stam, an 8 is like a Jessica Alba or Kristen Bell, a 7 is like a Tayler Swift or a Katy Perry, a 6 is like a Hannah Montana or a Miley Cirus. You get the idea.

    • agreed, it differs from guy to guy, everyone has their own standards, but yes the scale can change after the first impression and it's hard to say exactly what makes a 10 a 10 or a 7 a 7 you just know what it is, and sure it's shallow but we're all human, I personally would date someone who was on the lower end of the scale if they had a great personality since tha'ts what matters most to me

  • "I know all guys have them."...false, I am one that doesn't. I don't have ratings, I have thoughts. I have opinions. I have preferences. I have experiences. I do not, however, have "ratings".

  • 1-2: You look unhealthy either way to skinny or way to overweight

    3-4: Body is below average and face is as well

    5-6: Average or slightly above average.

    7-8: Very attractive. Probably a head turner with most of the guys

    9-10: GodDamn. That's usualy the first response that comes to my mind. Usualy the type of girl you think about for some time.

  • When I was younger, I was the typa guy who said that 'looks ddnt matter'... as I have gotten older, my tastes have changed... I found myself attracted to what's the opposite of me- I'm a loudmouth... so I like girls who are kinda shy, kinda quiet... I also like em full-figured. Took me a while to find this out, and to find the girls I liked (who also would like me back). As for a system... I base it upon this... Brains, personality, attitude, and then looks. They are all important. But it's intellect that comes in first for me. Looks, while important (what guy wouldn't want a girl who he can show off)... that's how I do it...

  • since I'm in the Philippines I have many systems :

    Asian(for local Girls) : 1 - 10 Ten is Best (not very strict)

    Hybrid (for half philipino girls) : 1-10 (a little stricter )

    Foreigner (for non-locals) : 1-10 strictest

    Body has 6 points while face has 4 = 10

    Personality is either : Pass or Fail

  • Interesting question. Well starting with the face, it's how much estrogen she has flooding her face. A 10 to me is a girl who has full lips, big eyes, and a smooth oval face that appears girly like. Not ridge and sharp like a man. That includes the nose.

    From the body...well, obviously, voluptuous.

  • I have no set "parameters" since it's sort of a subjective thing but 1 is just plain gross and 10 is absolutely flawless, gorgeous. 5 is just sort of average like your not creeping me out but your not turning heads or anything.

  • Honesty, respect, loyalty, compassion + personality = 10. Simple as that.

    • And how about looks?

    • I obviously care about a girl who takes good care of herself physically but having a good heart is more important.

  • I would date a 2 I'm just saying

  • 1-4 below average

    5 average

    6-10 above average

    7-10* Girlfriend material

  • 75% - Personality

    25% - Looks

    In addition to that they need to match up. So that when I think of her I don't just get p*rn, or a hazy blur of emotion. Just enough of both.

  • 1-10. Any guy who says they have never used a rating system are way young, lying, or hang out with girly men.

    Lower than 5 is ugly.

    5 would be average with no particularly desirable features.

    6. would be average with some cuteness or desirability.

    7. is a good looking woman

    8 & 9 would be women that all guys consider hot.

    10 would be a woman that is stunning, like a model.


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  • EWW rating sucks!

  • well.. I rate girls first by there appearance and then by there personality, normally in terms of god damn that girl is hot, that girl is so pretty, she is just to cute for words, she look kinda blah, what wrong with her face, what happened to her body..oh McDonalds, I think she needs to go to the hospital. You don't need to tell me I'm a b**tch I know it already;p

    • "what happened to her body..oh mcdonalds" I'm the same way but its kinda unfair sometimes and props, that made me laugh