Why is it wrong to compare?

I was talking with a good buddy of mine about this new girl I’ve been seeing. I said she’s better than the ex at this, but worse than she was at that. At this point he stated, “don’t compare her to your ex! Everyone knows you are not supposed to that!”

So now I’m wondering why not? I know what worked well with the ex and what didn’t. Why is it wrong to compare your current partner with your past?


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  • I personally don't find it wrong unless you say it to her face. Just because you have to put yourself in her shoes like if she came out and said you're better than my ex at bowling but you're worse than my ex at singing you might be a little offended. Like why is she comparing me to him, she told me how horibble a guy he was, etc. But honestly talking about it between friends I don't think is a big deal as long as it's just chit chat and you don't start seriously stacking up all the pros and cons of your new girlfriend compared to your ex. Hope I was helpful.


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  • Hey bud,

    well the main reason is that you shouldn't be thinking about your ex now. Its good to learn about what you want from your past relationships and grow from them, but you should be thinking about your new girl more than anything.