How do I become as pretty as her?

all of my guy friends tell me my sister is hot..shes two years older and we wear the same clothes and have the same brands of makeup..we play the same sports..shes a little bit tanner and dyes her hair darker and its like 4 inches longer...people say we look like twins all the time but why does everybody seem to think she's so hot? and why not me? this is not a case of sibling rivalry either


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  • If you look a lot like your sister maybe they think you're hot too, but they just wouldn't say that to your face because c'mon, that would be pretty awkward, especially if your a close friend to them and they think of you more as a friend than a potential date.

    Maybe they are afraid of telling you they think you're hot directly, so they went the indirect route: they know that you know how much you resemble your sister, and they tell you that your sister is hot so that you'll think that they must think you're hot too.

    Or, maybe something about the way your sister acts, or how her voice sounds just seems more appealing to them.

    I have a slightly older brother and people mix us up all the time because we look so much alike, so I know what it's like to compare yourself to someone similar. My advice is to just be yourself and do your own thing. I think its a lot more pleasant to live that way.

    • I agree with him completely. I'm at the opposite end of the situation. I've always been referred to as the hotter sister. We look very much alike and about 2 years apart (I'm the older sister) and have the same style. But I think my sister is beautiful. I even envy her because of the qualities she has and I don't. Be proud of who you are and what you have to offer instead of what you lack :).

      I believe you are just as much beautiful as your sister if not more. Be proud of your sis too.


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  • it is beacause her personality sticks out more, not sayin that you don't have one or not a good one at that, but she is probably just more out there than you are when it comes to conversation. people stick out more than others by the way they act around others. I'm guessing she's the more outgoing flirty type and your the more conversative one. not saying your shy, but her being the older one is pretty much the case. you would be considered the younger and more inexperienced in the view of others.

    • im the more outgoing of the two actually but thank you for the last part about the experience I think your probably right on that

    • oh fo reals? huh? that's weird. that cud be it too. lol. sometimes it cud be the opposite depending on the people or crowd. anyways your welcome. ; )

  • yeah I agree. beauty is only skin deep. I dk you, so I dk how outgoing or what kind of personality you have, so I'm guessing she's just more flirtatious etc..


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  • It's better not to compare yourself to your sister. You are your own person. You don't need to wear the same clothes and same makeup. Trust me, you'll look better trying to be yourself and not her.

    • no like we share clothes like ill buy half and she gets the other half type of thing but ty

    • The more confident in yourself you are, the more attractive you look...It's easier said than done to stop comparing yourself to your sister, but try...You'll be happier.

  • Don't compare yourself to your sister. I'm an identical triplet and it's all too easy to think you're the ugly duckling. I'm sure you're beautiful too. You just need to improve your self-confidence.