Is it true that guys in high school don't like girls with makeup?

im a junior and I heard that guys in high school guys don't like girls with makeup

i wear black eyeliner on my upper eyelid and mascara

i don't wear A LOT of makeup, but I do wear them.

is it true that guys in high school don't like girls with makeup?


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  • No. What guys don't understand is that girls who wear their makeup properly appear to be wearing none. It's natural-looking, but not all natural. Understand what I'm saying?

    Girl. I wear makeup for self-confidence. I don't give a sh*t what other people think. If I feel hot, I am hot.


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  • Well, I personally find it unnecessary.

    As a 17-years-old senior, I can easily say that I would prefer seeing no make-up at all. I think a girl doesn't need make-up to look sexy. In fact, I believe that the natural look is the prettiest look of all.

    Plus, make-up can sometimes (not always, but sometimes) be the sign of insecurity (The "I'm too ugly to go to school wihout make-up." syndrome)

    But, this is just me. I don't know about the rest of the world population.


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  • if anything guys in hs likes girls with makeup because they are all about looks in hs