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Boyshorts, Cheekies or Thongs?

Guys and girls, take your pick :)

personally, I like all 3 :P
seems like most people like boyshorts :)

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  • cheekies

  • cheekies

  • Cheekies then boyshorts, much prefered over thongs...

  • thongs

  • Boyshorts

    i hate thongs

  • definitely go with the boyshorts

  • well boy shorts are my favorite


    X D

    • yea thongs are kinda lame

      but boy shorts make the ass look phat ha ha


    • actually, they make my ass look cutee :)

      or su I've been told :P

    • well cute XD

      is phat haha

  • How about none?

    Those black cheekies with the floral designs are cool tough.

  • Thongs

  • boy shorts are by my favorite!

  • Cheekies, Boyshorts, Thongs

  • Boy shorts for sure

  • boyshorts and cheekies.


  • Boyshorts

  • Boy shorts all the way! I love the way they make a girls ass pop out at u, it shows off your figure to ;)

    But I'm also a fan of thongs, not to big on Cheekies though.

  • what are cheekies?

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    • lol y that pic? its like you were purposely trying to sabotage the results

    • i honestly don't know...

      it was just one of the first pics that came up when I searched it

  • Cheekies>Boyshorts>Thongs.

  • cheekies are sexy. il pick them even though id pick all of them if I could. Anything is fine with me to be honest

  • Boy shorts. Those are awesome.

  • cheekies

    • sweet :)

  • Totally thong. They are the most comfy and the most cute. I wear them exclusively.

    • agreed :)

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    • u don't really notice that the string/cloth is there (unlees the size is wrong)

      and the pic I uploaded is underwear, its some very short shorts (believe it or not)

    • *isn't underwear


  • none of them...just bent over and spread

    • hahaha :)

      sweet answer

    • :)

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