How to impress the girl? What is the best method to impress girls?

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  • Having a hidden talent for sure man.

    For me, Girls LOVE that I play guitar and sing. Also being a good listener and my style. I guess they admire me for being a great hockey player also. Girls started noticing me more for those talents (after) I started them because I loved those things for my self. I had passion for those things..i didn't pick them up to get girls...the girls just came with it I guess haha.

    DO NOT try to impress some girl for being someone you're not. Example.) Trying to show confidence off by being cocky. Yea that's not good. And if a girl loves a man who starts on a football team, is a life guard, takes a fighting class, or dresses a certain way, don't start doing those things just to impress the girl. If it's you thing, then I say great! But if you truly are only doing it to get attention from girl(s) don't do it man.

    Find your own passion or gift for something and get good at it. When you meet girls they will eventually ask you about what you like to do. And when they do tell them. After I told these girls I am a musician and a singer they were intrigued and wanted to hear me some time. Eventually they did and loved it.

    Honestly man, "don't dress to impress". Find your talents and get good at them. Girls will notice you sooner or later when you least expect it.


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  • You know honey, I know this sounds cliche, but really, being REAL and being yourself is the first and foremost thing. I can't stand when a guy is putting up a front or acting like he's something he's not in any way...that just tells me that he's immature, untrustworthy and shady.

    Talking, listening and showing real interest is the best way to impress a girl. And remembering things is huge! Not just like anniversaries and birthdays (when you're together), but just simply remembering things that the girl told you (like little tidbits about herself)...that goes a looooong way. It shows that not only are you REALLY listening to her, but that she matters to you enough for you to be truly interested in what's going on in her head.


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  • Become a fireman/lumberjack... Women love manly men!... and dudes that play the guitar or sax which ever..