Guy dressing up as a girl in public?

I am a 16 year old guy who likes wearing girls clothes. I am bicurious but I am mainly attractted to girls. What would you think if a guy told you he crossdressed? I want to try going out into public but I am scared to. Anytips or anyone who wants to talk to me about this thanks! <3


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  • I personally love a guy who'll crossdress, but there are plenty of people who would give you grief about it. If its what you like to do, then screw anyone who cares and do it. I've worn lolita dresses and cosplay in public, and people will look at you and talk, but that's no reason to be discouraged. Find some people who love you no matter what and live your life. :) <3

    • if I add you on here can we have a convo via chat?

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    • A Lolita dress in public? a full-blown outfit? Wow... that's gotta take almost as much guts as a guy crossing in public.

    • It was efinitely hard to get used too, but it was so much fun


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  • Going out in public is a huge step, isn't it? Are you trying to "pass"? Or just like to wear the clothes? If you aren't concerned what others think, you can do what you want -- but have you tried just wearing some panties or even a bra out in public, so others won't need to know?

  • I wouldn't care.

  • I love wearing women's knickers! Never tried anymore than that, fair play!