Met great girl but might not see her again, now what ?

i meet her and her friends at a nightclub last night , they go to school here but she was from out of town . a small town in the north to be exact that is a 3hr drive from here . I was eyeing her up on dance floor all night , then decided to talk to her as I noticed they were leaving , they all seemed nice and she was super cute and good looking . of course I never got a number but did get her name but not sure I could find her on facebook but she is from a small town so it might be possible . anyways if we had hooked up I guess it just would of been a one night stand but it had been a pretty good one if it had happened . I don't know if I should just forget about her or try and find her online somehow


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  • Go with what you feel, if there's something about her that makes you feel compelled to look her up online then go for it. And you never know if she'll be back in town to visit again. But if you don't feel any particular sense of being hung up on trying to find her then why try? Just go with what you want to do.

    • so far I haven't done anything but haven't looked for her online yet either , don't really know what to do . when I get home on Christmas break might get more bored and give it a look . there definity was something about her that made her stand out among the rest

    • There's no harm in looking her up lol

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  • Move on, you will end up chasing a hopeless dream