If a girl says "maybe" when you ask her out, is this more "yes" or "no"?

I work at a busy cafe, and it's a great opportunity to meet new people and make new friendships. On my radar recently has been an older woman who always stops to talk to me on my breaks about my goings on etc, wants to know more, yadda yadda. Also very flirtatious, frequently giving me the F-me-in-the-bathroom-now look.

Now I'm actually quite attracted to this woman not only because she's single and pretty, but also very intelligent and rather educated. Today, I asked "What are you doing Thursday? Wanna come hang out with me?" -- to which she IMMEDIATELY looked away, and went "Ummmmmmm, I'm not sure yet". It wasn't awkward or anything, but I was quite taken aback. Wasn't by any means the answer I was looking for. Any ideas?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well depending on how much older the woman is, she could see you as nothing more than a child, even though you aren't. Kind of like when I was asked out by a 17, even though I'm 19 I still said no because I think that even 17 year olds are still kids even though I can be considered one by older people as well. You probably should not have been so up front. Maybe you should approach it like this "Hey! It sucks I only get to talk to you while I'm at work. I really enjoy our conversations, maybe some time we can hang out and talk some more?" That way you are leaving it up to her to take it the rest of the way. If she says yes then you are good, if she says no then you know she is not interested in even having a friendship past your work.

    PS When a girl says maybe, it usually means no, unless she is flirting when she says it and you will know because she will be smiling when she says it or the tone of her voice. then maybe means you will probably get what you were asking for eventually, when she chooses to let you have it