When your attracted to people of other races...?

...Do you find that it's generally all guys/girls of that race, or are you normally not attracted to them and have just seen/know a guy/girl that's the exception?

Just wondering :)

  • Your generally attracted to people of that race
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  • You like a person of a different race that you wouldn't normally be attracted to
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  • Your attracted to all/most races
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  • You don't find other races attractive
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  • I am attracted to all races, wouldn't really say I would count any out but generally I do find black girls very attractive. I find it odd but a lot of the time I do tend to be attracted to the majority off them rather than a small select few but it might be because I don't really have one specific look I am attracted to

    • Ooo well that's exciting, ;)


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    • lol, well because I'm biast, you get BA.

    • Hmmm I see, thanks for best answer than, I feel like I contributed lol


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What Guys Said 1

  • im pretty much exclusively attracted to people from another race, but only if they were born over seas and not raised in Australia

    • why not born in Australia? we aren't that bad. lol.

    • australian women are pretty arrogant so they either get too much attention from guys and can't feel value being with me or they are really lonely and are just being bitches, either way is fine with me as there are plenty of tourists round here

What Girls Said 5

  • I'm black and I've always had a thing for white guys for as long as I can remember. Even when I was younger and would say I thought certain guys were pretty but didn't really know why, they were always white.

  • I'm mixed so I guess I am always attracted to "something different".

  • im of east eurpoean descent and I find others who are from that region attractive.

  • There are attractive people in all racial groups, but I'm mainly attracted to a certain look that my race and a few other ethnic groups tend to have. I'm black with a mixed background and I'm generally attracted to blacks and Caribbean Latinos. I am not Latina but I'm mixed with some of the same things as them so maybe that's why?

  • im persian and always find myself attracted to russian guys I have no clue why.