Girls, what is the most you have paid for a sexy bra?

I'm talking about the kind you wear in front of your significant other. I'm interested in buying one that is on sale, but it is $10 outside my usual cut-off price. So share your thoughts!


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  • I don't have a significant other but I've spent $30 on one bra, but other than that rare instance I keep it under $15 O_O


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  • i paid $70- not worth it at all. I used it a few times and then the wire came poking out. I have d's unfortunately and a lot of bras get ruined because the wires come out and poke me, I put them back in but its no use so I don't waste money on expensive bras anymore... I would say if you really like the bra and its only $10 extra...go ahead and do it... its the holidays what the heck =)

    • Yeah...I have d's too. It makes it harder to find bras that have thick straps, three prongs, and a nice smooth shape to them. The wire only poked out of one of my bras back in high school. I don't think it was a cheap bra either. Haha...I am so tempted, trust me. I'll just go to the mall tomorrow and get it if I am brave. It's my birthday on Friday anyway. Thanks!

    • oh well happy early birthday! its always nice to treat oneself especially on your birthday! if anything maybe someone can get it for you as a present? =)

    • lol. thank you. I guess I'll register for it at nordstrom. haha.

  • My normal bra's are generally Calvin Klein so around $30-$40,but I've never bought a "sexy bra"

    If it's something you're gonna wear once then probably no more than $15.

    • CK bras are beautiful, but so expensive when not on sale. Hopefully January will bring a good one!

  • Like $50 at Victoria's Secret but then I washed it and it got ruined. -_-

    • Oh snap! hand wash those suckers.

    • Yep. Learned that too little too late.

  • If it was for a really special occasion, like the wedding night, I'd pay $50 dollars. Normal occasion, I'd spend $30. I usually only spend $20 or less on regular bras.

    • Ok, thanks. The bra is $30, and the matching panties are $13, which to me is pretty steep. But apparently guys like matching sets.