Should I stay or should I go?

I have been with this man for 8 years. We have a daughter and son on the way as we speak. Many things have been bothering me like is he ever gonna pop the question, do he respect me when I'm not around, and do he truly love me. I say this because for years now he is constantly looking for more females to add to his phone and sometimes are speaking to them as if he has been single all day everyday. I question his love because he has cheated on me and states that he won't do it but he is constantly finding new girls, asking for inappropriate picture, and asking when can they meet. He doesn't respect me as his women because he is doing all these things and as soon as I say "What If I do it" then he goes off like he can't take it but is it okay for him to do it to me. He thinks that there is nothing wrong with this when I am home taking care of his child, cleaning his house and underwear, cooking his food, and sexing him on the regular. Am I suppose to sit here and deal with the fact that my man will never be that?


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  • NO! you are not supposed to sit there and deal with it. From a woman to another, women have to wise up when it comes to guys like this. Keep this in mind, men do not stay where there needs aren't being met. But women will continue to stay where there needs aren't being met. So for him to stay with you for 8 years has nothing to do with respect or love obviously. Because he is getting his needs met and has no regards for yours. Love is not blind as often said, and you need not tobe.

    True Love within warns you like whistles, horns and alarms. Love says, don't stay with someone who deliberately chooses to use you for their own personal gain. You have to take back control of your own mind, body and soul. I don't care if he is the children's father. Kids always respect parents who give up messy folks for their peace and yours. You must find the strength to end his " disrespectful behavior." Why as women we identify the foolish behavior, and then ask" what should I do"? Let me empower you for a minute. You are smart, worthy of love, created by God to be loved and worthy enough to tell this idiot go do your tramps so I can finally be the Hero in my own story. He is telling you with his actions that you are not enough for him. . Maya Angela once say, " When a person shows you who they are, " belive them" Believe him girl, that's who he is. And its not for you. Remember, take hold of your own destiny.cause if he does it once, your a victim. But if he does it over and over, now your a volunteer. Take your life Back


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  • well my mom divorced my dad because he cheated on her once... I would say YES do it... the only drawback is that you have kids... you do have to think also about what is best for your kids, weigh the options, could you stand being a single mother? and then make your decision...


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  • throw his cheating ass out.

    • thats real smart then she's left with two kids who she now has to raise solely on her own, and probably get a job because she said she stays at home, and still take care of the kids (yes I know I wrote that twice because its prob the main reason)

    • He's the he still naturally has the obligation to provide for his children. Just because they wouldn't be together doesn't mean the father is completely out of the picture. If I were those kids I would much rather have a happy mother rather than a miserable mother and a father who continually causes my mother pain by cheating on her.

    • No Ladsin it is not the main reason. I do have the ability to get a job but I seriously love him. My being a stay at home mom right now has absolutely nothing to do with why I haven't left him. I really don't think that I could raise two kids on my own and I refuse to because my mother raised her kids on her own and I feel that my kids have a right to have their parents, both of them, there. I just don't like to feel I am giving my all and he's half assing me.