Can a cute, young-looking guy be hot?

I'm a 21-year-old guy and I look really young for my age, plus I am only 5'5''. People still mistake me for being 16! People have called me cute/handsome/good-looking/hot/sexy before but 90% of the time people always call me cute. I'm guessing because I look young and I am short.

I'm sick of being cute lol. I wanna be more hot-looking than cute-looking. I always think that cute is associated with being small and innocent and sweet whereas hot is associated with muscles and hardcore and more manly.

What can I do to look more hot than cute? Is it even possible for a cute, young-looking guy to be hot?

Sorry, didn't mean to brag in any of this.


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  • better than being mistaken for being 36 :)


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  • Looking young is not a bad thing, I love to get carded still when I buy alcohol. as for looking older or hotter, working out is a must, and maybe you should adjust the way you dress.

  • get muscle and a vneck shirt


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