Girls who lose their father?

It seems almost every girl I meet now a days has had their father pass away in the past year. Has anyone had experience dating women who have had a significant male figure pass away at a recent time?

I don't target women in this state of mind so why do they keep finding me?


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  • Well I know a guy who was fairly old and got married to a messed up woman. He could have chosen anyone to date, but he chose a woman that had a really messed up family. She was with 2 different men that she divorced, and she had children with both. The kids were obviously messed up and she had a gambling problem. I almost think that guys see this somehow and want to possibly be the man in shining armour and rescue the girl. He thinks he can save her, or change her into a better woman. I don't know why guys always seem to find these girls, it is a good question.


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  • what woman are you cheating on me with?!


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  • It's not just women, it's the same in most families.

    Men aren't as nuturing as women and that unfortunantly is a fact in society which isn't common to see the women keep the children and the men leaving.

    So you'll discover that most guys and girls don't have the attention they need from their fathers which is why women latch on to men and guys have trouble identifying what masculinity truly is.

    (Although, death rate amongst men is also higher due to their need to be adventurious and violent conditioning that society promoted probably contributes to the problem).