Girls, do you pay special attention to where your guys' eyes are when your with him?

Just curious, I know a lot of you do. I just wanted to here some responses. Thanks!


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  • Absolutely, positively - yes.

    I pay extra special attention to where (and what) a guys eye's are on. When I talk to him, is he looking at me? When he talks to me, is he looking at me? If we pass a half-naked lady while he is talking to me, is he looking at me? I think us girls have better radar at finding the 'more attractive or less dressed' woman than guys do, so I do pay attention to see if he looks or not. I can deal with him looking at some other women - because as I read in a book one time: "For men, women are like a work of art. Too beautiful not to look." ---- BUT if he is constantly looking at other women or repeatedly looking at another woman when he is with me then that is disrespectful and I take it personally. Besides, most guys *think* they are slick with glancing . but they are really not. We can always tell. :)

    But to answer your question, yes we do pay attention to where a guys eyes are.


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  • Yeah. If your talking to him and he's not looking at you, feels like he's not paying attention, or he could care less what your talking about. If you mean, roaming to check out other chicks.I don't pay attention for that because I'm not the super jealous type.

  • That's probably the thing we pay most attention to, or at least I do. A guys' eyes can tell you everything; when a guy wants something they stare at you with these pleading eyes, when a guy feels awkward around you they look away, and if they don't like you they usually have no problem looking at you.

  • Yes. If they look away when you look at them or if they look at you just a little bit longer than usual then you know they like you.


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