Would you overlook a beautiful girl just because of her class/social status?

Ok so I don't want to sound arrogant or anything, but I am a girl in high school who has been told multiple times by popular guys that I am not just pretty, but gorgeous. However I feel like when they find out that I am not so sociable and not very popular it turns them off. Can this be true?

So far I am going out with this reeeallly cute senior guy (i'm a sophomore). he says he doesn't care what his friends say, and hopefully he will ask me to prom either this week or the week after :)


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  • No-just-do-your-own-thing-i-bet-you-can-just-walk-and-girls-will-look-at-you-and-think-to-themselves-(i-wanna-be-her-friend)now-if-it-was-an-ugly-girl-walking-no,but-you-yeah-be-picky-about-what-girls-you-make-your-friend-because-you-are-who-you-hang-out-with

    • i-don't-know-what-you-look-like-what-do-you-look-like?

    • and um how old are you might I ask? and I don't have to prove anything unless, well I personally don't want anyone to recognize me hun. lol

    • 19-i-don't-know-your-social-goals-but-i-hope-you-attain-them

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  • In high school, yes it's a possibility. People stress social class and popularity way too much in high school because it seems to be the biggest issue.

    It also could be your attitude, if you are letting these compliments get to your head.

    But what you should realize, a lot of guys your age will feel intimidated by you because of how you look. Similar to how you're afraid that guys with think you are less than them, some guys will think they are less than you. You will find that your looks will scare some guys away.

  • Wait till college... Guys will be all over you whether you like it or not.

  • Possibly in high school (as in your high school only) but outside of that it really doesn't matter. Lets say a college guy might like you and he won't care about your popularity in school (duh why would he?). Also when you get older it really won't matter.

    Oh yes.. I think you are stunning!

    (and I don't care if you are popular or not)


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  • I think they do. I wouldn't say I'm beautiful, but after I graduated I found out there were more than a few guys that liked me. They never said anything then or even showed me. Some even went to extreme measures to cover it up. And I suspect it was because I wasn't the typical pretty popular girl that it was "okay" to like. they would have gotten teased by their friends for liking me or dating me. guys fall victim to the high school social politics too, its not just girls that care about popularity.

  • of course. who wants to be with someone not socialable?

    • maybe-because-the-people-around-them-are-not-genuine-and-they'd-put-on-a-show-for-other-people-to-accept-them,