What should you do when a guy holds eye contact?

There is this guy in one of my classes and almost everyday we will look right into each others' eyes, but we never say anything. I always look away after a few seconds, but what should I do when this happens? Say something (if so, what?), smile and look away?


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  • i mean obviously you think this guy is cute, and he is most likely feeling the same. I would say to try looking him in the eye and giving a bit of a smile, then look down. right after looking down, look back up and see if he is still staring. chances are, if he is, he's interested. also, see if he smiles back, that could be a big indicator also. if this goes on for a few more classes, with continues eye contact, and exchanged smiles, then you should go up to him after the class is over and say something casual like maybe, "hey, I noticed we've caught each others' attention. I'm _insert name here_ ." with a nice smile. that should do the trick. if he seems engaged in the conversation when you approach him, then he's probably interested. go for it girl ;)

    • If she looked down, that's a sign of low interest.


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  • I personally smile or say hi

  • Make sure he doesn't havve a girlfriend