Ladies why do women seem more attracted to men who are with other women?

Or just seeing them with other women. I notice when I'm with this girl I'm friends with and I see a girl on the street and look at her she will look back and stair. Even if I'm doing it from a car. But if I'm alone I get no look back. Or a girl will smile at me when I'm with this girl who is my friend. But it doesn't happen when I'm alone. And my friend Melisa even said yea why is that? Why do girls do that? So I know I'm not imagining it. And of coarse the girls don't know she isn't my girlfriend. Its almost like these women are attracted to men who are wirh women and not to men who are not with women. What is going on?


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  • I personally think it's cause women like the idea of knowing that you are wanted by other women.


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  • For the most part girls do that because they love the challenge. I admit even when I know a guy has a girlfriend I find myself more attracted to him.


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  • I'd like to hear responses to this too. I've DEFINITELY noticed this first hand.