Do guys rate funniness in girls?

I've heard that guys don't really consider a sense of humor when going after a girl, they prefer a girl who is good looking or nice or interesting and humor doesn't matter. But it seems when people describe an ideal girlfriend they include funny in the description. So does funniness matter? How much does it matter when choosing a girlfriend? Does funniness make a girl more attractive?


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  • If I can make a girl laugh it makes me feel great. When she makes me laugh its even better. I think humor is a fantastic trait to have in a girl. Funniness does matter to me but its a number of qualities that will make her attractive. Will I date a girl ONLY because she is funny? never. But I will if she has humor to along with what I personally desire such as style, individuality, personality and looks.


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  • We don't do math equations to work out a precised number value for how much we like a girl. Most of us struggle to answer the question "rate her out of 10" if we're answering properly and honestly.

    But yes, being funny is a great attribute for a girl to have. It makes it a lot easier to enjoy more/all of the time you spend with her. Makes it easier for moods to switch in a more positive direction, or just improve on already-good... if you wanna get all analytical.

    I guess it is a really good thing to have, it's just not something we always think of that quickly. If we're making an ideal girlfriend features list, we'll probably think a bit more about it than during a bit of banter, so we might remember that one / be more likely to include it.

  • in my experience I have known people add funniness into the list because they believe that if the girl can make them laugh then they will be in with more of a chance as they will get to know the female's humour and use it to make the female laugh.

  • If the girl makes me laugh a lot, she scored.

  • I think it Matters,

    when a Girl is funny,

    (to a Normal Degree)

    It's A Strait Up Awesome thing,

    because if there's a Girl Who can,

    Make me Laugh and Laugh at my Jokes,

    Then Heck yeah man.


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