What move do I make from here?

I Was Hanging Out with a girl that I have known for a few months. She shares food with me, saves seats for me and we talk often. One day last month she said where she was sitting was sticky and wants to check her butt means that she is not interested in more then friendship with me. We were texting for a few hours and she would take a while to respond because she was watching something. when I told her goodnight she did not even respond. So I would like to know how I could get out of the friend zone, some tips and how long it should take.


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  • sure, one of the few ways to get out of the friend zone is to stay friends with the girl but hit on other women and hook up with a girl hopefully more physically attractive than the girl you are going after. Even better is to use your friend to do it, so when you are out at a cafe with your friend, go up and talk to other beautiful women. Having a woman with you takes away so much bullsh*t about you being a safe guy to hang out with and makes the interactions much better


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  • how many times are you guna ask this qustion ?


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