Are guys self conscience?

I'm just curious if guys worry about their bodies as much as girls tend to do. I understand that the answers will vary, but I just wanted to see if there were certain aspects that guys tend to focus on, like how girls seem to focus on their chest, stomach, hips, or thighs.


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  • I could also give two ----s about my hps, thighs, etc. The only categories for me in this case are "FAT" or "NOT FAT". Currently I think I'm in good shape (5'7" with 137 lbs), but I still dreamt that my sister told me that I was fat.

    All I can say is: if a girl loves to worry about her exterior, then so be it. I won't stop her, if that's what she loves to do... I'm sure she enjoys it if she does it so much.


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  • yes, but we won't usually share our insecurities. Most guys are smart enough to know that sharing our self conscious thoughts is a HUGE turn off to women. It's plenty OK you girls do it though.

    I'm in good shape and handsome. But my hair isn't as thick as it used to be. Being single and lonely I am VERY self conscious about this (doing all I can to fight it...propecia/rogaine)

  • I'm self-conscience about the fact that I'm under 6ft and that I'm hairy and that I have thinning hair.

  • No, I just focus on your chest, stomach, hips, or thighs.


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