What am I doing wrong?

I was pretty out of shape growing up, and not that popular, especially with girls. Now that I've been working out, I've got a little bit of attention, cute girl said I was hot, van with some girls honked at me and yelled Hey Baby! So far though, the only girl who's come after me was MARRIED! She's pretty cute, but. not happening. I must have done something right with her though. I just wish I could figure out what. I have zero competence when it comes to these people. I don't know how to talk, how to act, I can dress ok, but I don't exactly know what kind of clothes say. can I have your number? I could really use some advice when it comes to meeting, talking to, and even attracting them. I don't know a whole lot of single girls, so keep in mind that if I meet a girl, it's probably for the first time. Thanks for the help.


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  • I totally think you may have the wrong idea! I'm sorry and I know its hard for people to find that love. But you are who you are, you dress the way you dress because its how ur most confortable! I think you sould keep doing what you are doing. You are who you are, and ur awsome! That's the attitude and that attitude really shows in men. But we always have to remember there's a line between cockie and confident! But if you are looking for true love be who you are and you will find the perfect person for you! If you just want to play around (for lack of better words) then try out new stuff, go out buy somethin totally out of the ordinary for you. See how you feel. See what kind of reactions you get. Personally I think you are doing nothing wrong, but beating yourself up and its showing! You are probably such a young handsome man, be proud of who you are. You have to love you before you can love anyone else! Best of luck to you!

  • If you are attracted to a woman than tell her. Walk up to her and introduce yourself. "Hi my name is Confused and I just wanted to tell you that I think you are the most beautiful woman in this room/ general area. I just thought you would like to know." If it looks like she isn't interested tell her to have a lovely day and walk away. No harm no foul. Most likely she will want to continue talking to you and you may end up with a number. I suggest you don't start straight off by asking for her number. Just ask yourself what is the worst that could happen? Then knock that down a notch cause it isn't as bad as what you are thinking. Confidence is the key my friend. Good luck.


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