What is one of the first thing a guy judges a girl on when he sees her?

I realize that everybody judges another at first glance, but I'm just curious what a guy looks at first. Is it the teeth? hair? body? bum? boobs? eyes? etc.


one more thing to add.

do guys like thin? normal? tight and toned? soft curves? heavier? obese? etc?


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  • It really, really, really depends on the guy. I would say I notice weight first, then the face/hair, and on. Also, it depends where I'm looking when I see the girl. If I'm looking into the distance a bit and there's a girl walking away, my eyes will be lined up with her behind, so naturally, not by choice, that's where I'm going to look first.

    • It's really annoying. Girls might say, "Don't stare at our boobs." Well, sometimes THEY ARE EYE LEVEL.


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  • At a glance, I think most guys (including myself) first look for how she's set weight-wise. I prefer a girl who is between 105 and 115 pounds.

    Next, I look for a pretty face. This is also VERY important. If the face is bad, I'm sorry to say it but its not going to work.

    Thirdly, BOOBS. I personally like medium to large size boobs, but if they don't fit into or between those two categories, its not that big of a deal as long as the weight and face are ok.

    Thats really all I look for at a glance. I hope this helps.

  • First thing I look for is whether she is smiling and talking to me. If the person isn't approachable, it doesn't matter what she looks like.

  • I prefer women who are a little bigger. When it comes to what I notice first about a women, it depends on if I talk to her or not. If I am just walking by her I notice her legs and "bum". But if I actually talk to her I look at her smile and eyes.

  • weight 4 me. I like slim toned bodies


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