How can I get him to notice me?

So just recently I have been noticing this guy in my grade at school around a lot. We both kind of make eye contact and I just kinda get the feeling he is interested. I really want to talk to him but we have nooo friends in common and well yea nothing in common.And I am not about to just go up to him out of nowhere and say HII and introduce myself.does anyone have any other idea on how to get to know this guy.?


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  • Everything is complicated with guys, &with yours&his friends around its even harder. But just go up to him and say hi, you'll be glad you did, &a lott of things can come from it too.

    I'm more of an outgoing person so its really easy for me, but my bestfriend is ultra shy. &You've just gotta be a big girl, &face it. because there's a reason you two have been making eye contact ;D! go geet himm,



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  • picture this.

    do it like shakira and shake ur hips all the way to he's desk, and when you're there keep shakin ur hips and ask him for your name. LMAOO

    yeaaa sarcasm.but yea seriously, walk up to him and start a conversation


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  • Give him a innocent smile and see his reaction

    and if his in any of your lessons just pretend you

    dont understand your work and ask him for help

    theres no point waiting around get in there before some1

    else does!

  • i have the same problemo. I can't just sat HI! lol get ur friend to go up with you and have her start convo. if you need the help =]