What to wear for a job interview at Macy's for an on call beauty advisor?

Also how shOuld I wear my make up? And hair?

Does anybOdy wOrks at Macy's? I need advice for this guys! I seriOusly want the job :) Helpp! Advicee!

-Thnkss :-* :)


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  • wear black. my mom and grandma both work there and at Macy's, you have to wear black. your hair... it doesn't necessarily have to be a certain way, just nice. and makeup..lets see... you don't really need any. just wear a little to highlight your best facial qualities and make yourelf look friendlier so that they'll think "wow she looks nice and redy to work". and the friendlier you look, more than likely more customers will ask you for help, and the more sales you make. and that's what theyre looking for. :)

    i wish you luck with the interview :D

  • something fashionable but not over the top

    dress pants and a cute sweater