Guys, what makes a prom dress sexy?

Is there anything in particular you like about a prom dress?

For example, maybe you think it is sexy when there is a slit in the side? Or maybe you think strapless gowns are attractive?

I want to know all of your thoughts! Please don't hold back! =]


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  • I know I'm not a guy but I'm just gonna answer this anyways.I honestly think it really depends on the girl, how she wants herself to be presented and her personality and her like skin tone, hair color, body shape, like what her best features are. If you are like a fun easygoing girl that is gonna wanna dance a lot then you probably would want a shorter dress or one that you can actually move in, and bold colors. You should get something that goes good with your skin tone and hair so you don't wash yourself out, and a color that will make your eyes pop. If you have nice long legs than sure have a slit or a short dress, if you have nice cleavage accentuate that. Strapless gowns are very pretty but if you have lots of cleavage then I would advise you don't wear one lol, trust me I know =o lol. The back is sexy, =], haha so like get something that has a low cut back, I really don't know what you look like or your body type but I'm just saying that if you have a little back fat then still get a dress with a cut out back still but don't have it having like straps that come across the back tightly. Anyways I hope this helps. =D


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  • dont hold back huh. . okay. what makes a prom dress sexy? something that will show off your feet with heels, cut from the back, visible cleavage, don't put your hair up unless you plan to have bangs cause with bangs most girls end up looking like guys and guys don't want to go out with other guys as a prom date. haha. or possibly no dress at all. . lmao! yup. yup. that would be sexy.


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  • Wow. This is a big question. I like karenk's answer. I think the bottom line is to find a dress that really flatters your figure and shows off your best assets. It doesn't have to be slutty to look sexy. A modest dress can be soooo hot if it's cut right and shows you off the right way!

    FWIW, I think it's easier to wear a short dress again than a long dress. Hey, if you're gonna spend major bux on a dress, you oughta be able to wear it more than one time!

    Naturally, the right shoes and accessories complete the look! Spend the money for really good hosiery like Wolford or something. They look sooo much better you won't believe the difference.

  • as a chick, I hope my opinion still counts.

    i believe that backless dresses are very sexy and so are ruched dresses.