Cyber "beauty", real-life "ugly"???

Well, here is another one of those questions. lol. I am a cyber beauty, yet "ugly" in real life. Let me elaborate, on online dating sites, guys call me gorgeous, and on sites where I put my picture many people click on me and say that I am attractive. I am just wondering, am I just better looking in a photo, or is this what I really look like? Because online, people say I look good, yet in real life, I don't feel like anything special. I don't get "special" attention. Guys don't talk to me, yet online guys that I don't know me say that I look good. The real question is AM I? Are guys just saying this? Do they say this to every girl online? If this is true and I do look decent, why don't guy approach me? If I look as good as people say online? Are pictures false? Because I don't relaly do anything different in my pictures, I don't do those pouty whatever poses. So what do you guys think?


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  • well, on line people have diffrent perseption of what good and what's not, not only that but ur confedence online is way higher. ur not ugly in real life, but ur personality might not be attracting the guys because ur confedence is not as strong, same with selfesteam.

    • Yeah yeah. Talking online is why easier. I don't think I am ugly, but I guess I don't have a very good confidence in real life. I am more of the reserved types. I just wish someone would notice me even if I am quiet.

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  • I think the guys who are commenting on your pictures are online are the kind of people you might end up dating. If I put my picture up on the internet, I'm sure there would be people who think I look good, and some who would say I look bad. By using the internet your photo is far more available to tons of more people, whereas in real-life you only meet and know a few people.

    In addition to this, people don't usually randomly approach other people on the street and compliment them.


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  • 95% of the men online do say that to every girl, but that doesn't mean your not beautiful in real life. Beauty is only part what you look like, and mostly how you carry yourself. Example: Put two girls next to each other that look identical, only one acts like it and the other is not to sure, guess who people will say it beautiful more often? You have to be happy with yourself before people start noticing how beautiful you really are!

  • Maybe you are not projecting enough confidence in real life or seem unapproachable.

    On those picture rating sites, people can be pretty brutally honest so if they are telling you good things you can rest assure you look good. Now all you need to do is act like you know you look good in the real world!