Do guys like girls who are into alternative rock/screamo-hardcore music?

Just wondering :) Cause rock music is, well, my life.


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  • I have a little crush on punk/rocker girls and I am a classy european guy. Well I actually love electro music (starting from House up to hardcore Dubstep) and I've met a lot of people who follow different fashion. Music is what keeps us together :)

    Punk style can look really cute if you don't overdo it. I've met a girl with 25 piercing on her face. Her cute face looks really disguising because of them.

    • Ok, thanks for the insight! Haha

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  • a girls taste in music isn't a big deal, but it helps. I like punk rock and hip hop mostly,but I'm starting to get into metal as well. to me the biggest factor is just being cool. :)

    • I love punk too! The Sex Pistols are epic, and I hate the word epic, but it suits them.

    • yeah, they're lej.

  • Never heard of THOSE bands you listed, but look them up & liked them & I LOVE rocker chicks...

  • yeah, I like such girls...provided they don't take up forkin' smoking

    • Yuck. No thanks. I don't fancy breathing in chemicals all day.

      Actually, I suppose people who are addicted to it find it hard to stop so I do feel sorry for them.

  • ofcorus! =D its pretty epic, aldo a girl with peircings lmao

  • Depends how hardcore you are.

  • Well I listen to mostly rap so we might clash music wise. I do love death metal/deathcore though. As long as your favorite music isn't country you're possibly my type somehow. I'm probably to sweet and innocent for you though.

    • Haha perhaps. And I have to say, deathcore/grindcore/death metal makes me cringe. Sorry mate XD

    • Oh I see. Who do you listen to then? Probably music I don't like at all. lol

    • Probably. Haha umm I like bands like Escape The Fate, Thursday, Jimmy Eat World, In This Moment etc.

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  • I used to not listen to this genre, and my boyfriend got me into it and now I love it. he thinks its awesome and so do his friends, so I would say yes guys like it