Are long haired poets attractive?

lol at least I didn't beat around the bush


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  • ummmmm. . . well the long hair sounds a little weird. And yeah you are right, he would definitely look like he came from the bush! :) just kidding. But yes more romantic guys are attractive, but to a degree. If he was speaking shakespeare, I would NOT understand enough to appreciate what he is trying to say. lol. As long as he is compassionate, and is a gentleman, that is all that I care about. When I think of the old in days and the poets, I think of guys who went MORE (not saying they don't now) out of their way to impress a girl. Sure guys try to impress girls today, but it is not the same, and probably not as romantic. It is a pity. lol.

  • Long-haired poets? Lol. Your question was a teeny bit vague, but I would say yeah, they can be attractive. Any guy who can write well automatically rises up a few notches on my scale. You should specify a little more so that I can give you a more thorough answer =).


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